College News


A career in criminal justice offers an opportunity to make a difference every day in one’s community. Barton Community College recently announced a more efficient path to this rewarding vocation, as the college’s reputable criminal justice program is now available fully online.

The drought monitor report as of Tuesday, June 14, indicated no real change for our area as we continue in moderate drought. However, with the forecasted heat and winds, conditions will likely go downhill rapidly. The six to ten-day outlook (June 21 to 25) indicates a 70 to 80% chance of above-normal temperatures and normal to slightly above-normal precipitation. The eight to fourteen-day outlook (June 23 to 29) indicates a 60 to 70% chance of above-normal temperatures and normal precipitation. The heat of this past week certainly sped up the start of wheat harvest and rapidly ripened later wheat. As long as rain holds off and with the expected yields, this should be a rapid harvest.

Barton Community College has reestablished a once-popular resource utilized by civic groups, local conferences and more – the Barton Speakers’ Bureau.

The bureau is a collection of presentations on myriad topics prepared and presented by experts at the college. Options range from motivational topics like perseverance and leadership, informative speeches on social support and mental wellness, to more lighthearted and interesting presentations on history and the importance of art. There is no charge for this service.