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Pop by Morgan Shipps
Pop by Morgan Shipps

August 19th - September 24th

Connections & Concealment

Connections & Concealment is my (Alyssa Rose Bliven) first opportunity to curate an exhibition. To give a short background to who was selected: I sent out a call to my friends, colleagues, and professors from undergrad, graduate, and even one artist I have known since kindergarten. I asked them to send me their work focusing on the topic of Connections and Concealment. They could pick one word, the other, both, or even the opposite. I chose works that flow through these words, in and out. More than one entry was welcomed so you will see multiple works from each artist. Some artists already had work that related to this idea others wanted to use this call as a spring board for new work. A wide range of art practices are present from drawing, fiber art, jewelry, painting, ceramics, glass, and installation art. Artists are: Addison Heeren (New York), Alida van Almelo (Alaska), Anke Huyben (Netherlands), Emily Culver (Virginia), Jerome Dubas (Nebraska), Juvana Soliven (Hawaii), Katy Gerwig (Colorado), Monica Nickles (California), Morgan Shipps (Kentucky), Tom Kreager (Nebraska), Torey Akers (New York), and Turner McGehee (Nebraska).


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Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5 pm.
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