Student Guide


We are pleased that you’ve chosen to begin your college experience with Barton Community College.

Whether you’re taking a Barton class at your high school during the school day, traveling to campus, or taking online classes through Partnered Online or BARTonline, we’re confident you’re going to have a positive learning experience as you launch your college career. 

Choosing to begin college while in high school means you must be prepared for a new level of academic rigor and standards.  In addition to meeting Barton’s eligibility requirements, if you are considering jump starting your education with Barton, you must recognize you will be participating in coursework equivalent to classes offered on the college campus.

By taking these college classes, you will be exposed to increased study time, additional reading assignments, homework projects, and comprehensive testing as appropriate to the coursework.  Make sure you understand and follow faculty members’ attendance requirements.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions; your instructor is there to help you learn.  Regular class attendance is necessary for student success.

Starting college while in high school requires a commitment to participating in college-level coursework.  You and your family must understand that the final grade earned from your College Advantage, GAP, Partnered Online, or BARTonline experience will not only appear on your permanent college transcript, but if the coursework is taken for dual high school credit, the same grade may be your high school grade for that course.  It is important to realize poor academic performance can affect future financial aid, scholarship eligibility, and acceptance into some colleges.

As a student pursuing college credit while in high school, you have access to Barton’s student services including free advising and free tutoring.  All college students must be willing to approach instructors, tutors, and peers for assistance with college coursework. All faculty, staff, and tutors wish the best for you and are here to help.

Again—welcome—and have a great academic year!


Karly Little

Coordinator of Community Education

Student Guide: Starting College While In High School