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Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) Learning Opportunities for Career Technical Education

Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) classes now qualify for tuition coverage based on these factors:

  • The class must be categorized as a "tiered" class by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR). 
  • The class must be tied into a career or technical program at the specified two-year college or technical institution.
  • The class must have had enrollment in the prior year.

When enrolling students in Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) classes, please observe the list details. Per KBOR, each two-year college and technical institution now operates with an individual list of Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155)-approved classes. The following list has been determined by KBOR as the Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) offerings for Barton Community College.

The below list is effective for Summer Semester 2016 and beyond:

Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) List - Barton Community College

Update:  A few major changes have happened to Barton's list of Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) classes, per KBOR's decisions, are that Anatomy & Physiology, Computer Concepts & Applications, Basic Nutrition, and some Criminal Justice classes are no longer covered by the Senate Bill.  Other changes have also occurred, so check the list to make sure your desired class is still included.

2018 - 19 tuition and fees for all non-Senate Bill 155-funded classes are:

Face-to-face Instruction:
$105 per credit hour for Barton County Residents taking face-to-face classes
$112 per credit hour for Kansas Residents taking face-to-face classes

Online Instruction:
$150 per credit hour for all students in BARTonline classes