Services & Resources

Available Resourcesfafsa logo

To access the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), visit or click on the image. 

  • JAG*K Students at Barton Welcome SignAn Advisor to Assist with ALL school searches and postsecondary programs of study. 
  • Access to Educational Forms Online, including FAFSA, Financial Aid Verification, Admissions Applications, Transcript Request, Student Loan (Forbearance, Deferment, Default) forms.
  • GED/Diploma Program Placement: The Central Kansas Educational Opportunity Center provides information on GED and High School Completion Programs and makes referrals as necessary. A participant can continue to work with the CKEOC while they are working on their GED or HS Diploma. For more information please contact the CKEOC closest to your area. These offices may be found by following the link "CKEOC Locations" in the left-hand column.
  • Military and their Families - Educational services and support including assistance with process of transferring schools due to PCS, deployment or discharge; identifying and applying for service related financial aid opportunities; help with understanding how Pell Grant and other federal aid can be used in conjunction with military educational benefits such as GI Bill and Tuition Assistance (TA).
  • CKEOC services are also available to military students at the Barton Fort Riley Campus.

Free Services

  • JAG*K students touring Barton County CampusCKEOC Academic Advisor available in your community on a regular basis.
  • Career exploration and counseling.
  • Assessment of academic skills and financial needs.
  • Information about vocational/technical schools, colleges and universities.
  • Information/assistance in applying for scholarships, grants that include FAFSA, and loans.
  • Assistance in applying for admission.
  • Transportation to campus visits.
  • Assistance with placement in high school diploma or GED programs.
  • Workshops to help you choose a career and find education or training.
  • Referral to support systems upon entering college.