A performer stands on the stage in the Barton Auditorium

Fine Arts Auditorium

The beautiful Barton Fine Arts Auditorium seats 632 guests. It was renovated in the 2012-13 school year with a rearranged seating configuration and new lighting and sound equipment.

It serves as the primary venue for Barton's many performing arts events and guest lecturers or presenters throughout the year.

Auditorium Renovation

Public Use

The auditorium is available to the community at a nominal fee.

Four hours or less - $260 (includes one hour of tech help)

More than four hours - $400 (includes two hours of tech help)

Rental of the Auditorium includes the following:

  • Stage
  • House
  • Front of House
  • Dressing room(1)
  • Basic setup for stage lighting
  • Basic setup for sound
  • Typical custodial cleanup
  • 1 or 2 hour tech fee depending on the hours of rental

Additional Auditorium charges:

  • Ticket booth ($30 per day)
  • Spotlight with operator ($20 per hour)
  • Video screens ($75)
  • Projectors ($100)
  • Additional light and sound requirements over and above standard basic setup ($20 per hour)
  • Curtain rental ($250)
  • Security ($20 per hour)
  • Additional custodial ($20 per hour)

For more information about utilizing the auditorium, call (620) 792-9340 or email Facilities Management.