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Short-Term Training Opportunities

Annual Corrosion Conference
The annual Annual Corrosion Conference is an ideal experience for all industry personnel, regardless of experience level. The seminar offers workshops on the following topics: basic cathodic protection instruction, field applied pipeline coating types and application techniques and other technical sessions on various corrosion-related topics and problems.

Weights and Measures Training
Barton’s Weights and Measures training offers yearly certification to scale technicians in the areas of Small and Large Scales, Retail Scales, and Mass Flow Scales.

Commercial Driver's License Training
Barton’s CDL course is designed to provide the training necessary to obtain a Class A license with an airbrake endorsement. Learn, Drive, Practice and Test in one rig!

Case New Holland
The partnership with Case-New Holland represents the type of customized training Barton can provide for large companies. This closed training provides ongoing skill updates for Service Technicians and Field Representatives employed by Case-New Holland from across the United States.

Customized Training
Convenient, flexible, and relevant to your needs, Customized Training provides an innovative approach to enhancing workforce skills, career and professional development and contributes to the economic growth of the area to small and large businesses.  Training is available on-campus or on-site, day, evening or weekends. Customized training makes it easier and more cost-efficient to provide training for your employees by eliminating expenses such as mileage, hotels, meals, promotion and other costs related to typical "off-the-shelf" programs.  Customized training is targeted to fit work schedule demands and meet business and industry standards.