High School Programs

High school students can make considerable progress towards their educational goals either through the College Advantage program and/or the Get Ahead Program (GAP). Both programs are available to sophomores, juniors, seniors and gifted underclassmen with their principal’s approval.

Helpful Information for High School Students
Transferability of Classes 
Barton County Upward Bound 
Articulation Agreements (transfer to four-year colleges & universities)
High School Articulation Agreements (transfer from high school to Barton)
Advising for High School Students

Many high school students get involved in college credit classes with Barton via College Advantage, the Get Ahead Program (GAP), Excel in CTE (SB155), and online learning opportunities. 

Be sure to check in with an advisor and make sure you are following a college plan that is right for you!  We are here to help you achieve your goals. 

The below video shows why and how to contact the Advisement Center on Barton's main campus in Great Bend.