General Education Courses

Definitions for General Education Courses

General Education Course - Any course that is approved to fulfill credit towards the State and College requirements for General Education and graduation with any of the following degrees: Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.), or Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S). General education courses typically are non-developmental and non-professional in orientation, and they are offered as electives or required courses from within broader subject areas.

The essential objective of general education is to educate the individual student to be a rational and humane person. General Education courses are subdivided into five categories: foundation studies, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural science and mathematics, and physical education, health, performance. The minimum distribution of credits and general education courses vary by degree.

Types of general education courses are further defined as:

  • Foundation Studies Course – a degree-specific general education course that fulfills course or credit requirements in the quantitative, oral and written communication, or computer literacy areas.
  • Studio Course – Any course in the Fine Arts (Humanities) that instructs students on the techniques used in artistic expression and significantly involves students (individually or as a group) in the production of tangible, physical artistic products.
  • Performance Course – Any course in the Fine Arts (Humanities) that instructs students on the techniques used in artistic expression and significantly involves students (individually or as a group) in ephemeral activities that relate to public entertainment and/or personal enrichment.

General Education Course Requirements by Degree

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Associate of Arts (A.A.)
Associate of Science (A.S.)
Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.)
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Fundamental Outcomes

Barton has five fundamental outcomes that direct not only the general education courses but also the entire curriculum. The outcomes are appropriate to the Mission and Board ENDS, educational offerings, certificates, and degrees of the College.  They serve to demonstrate how students meet those ENDs and to articulate the competencies expected of students who complete a Barton certificate or degree.

The fundamental outcomes relate the relevance of a given subject to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values which enable them to be productive in work, family, and community. These outcomes and their assessment are reviewed biannually by the Outcomes Assessment Committee and annually by Barton’s Board of Trustees.

The five fundamental outcomes are as follows:

Critical Thinking – Study a given subject critically, including processes to analyze and synthesize important parts of the subject,  to ask appropriate and useful questions about the study of this subject, and to solve problems within the subject area.

Life-Long Learning – Relate the relevance of a given subject to the individual student’s life, to develop habits that encourage life-long, responsible and independent learning, and to apply appropriate and useful knowledge of the values, conventions, and institutions within an academic discipline.

Historical Perspective – Describe how history works, including how historical perspective can strengthen understanding of a given academic subject, and how the history of human endeavor has helped develop that subject.

Technological Perspective – Explain how technologies affect important parts of human life and how information technologies shape the study of a given subject.

Cultural Perspective – Explain how culture develops through various aspects of human endeavor, how culture develops understanding of a given subject, and how a given subject develops within different cultures. 

These outcomes are designed to ensure that all certificate and degree-seeking students learn the same general competencies even when they take different general education courses. This emphasis on critical thinking, life-long learning, and the formulation of essential perspectives forms not only the foundation of the General Education curriculum but also the course level outcomes and competencies. 

General Education Course List

The following courses have been approved to fulfill general education requirements for the four associate degrees at Barton Community College.


ENGL 1200 Business English(AAS Only)
ENGL 1204 English Composition I or
ENGL 1209 English Composition I w/Review
ENGL 1205 Technical and Report Writing(AGS & AAS Only)
ENGL 1206 English Composition II
ENGL 1236 Technical Communications(AAS Only)

COMM 1200 Interpersonal Communications
COMM 1230 Public Speaking

BUSI 1609 Business Statistics
MATH 1806 Technical Math(AAS & AGS Only)
MATH 1819 Business Math(AAS & AGS Only)
MATH 1823 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
MATH 1824 Intermediate Algebra(AAS & AGS Only)
MATH 1826 College Algebra
MATH 1828 College Algebra
MATH 1830 Trigonometry
MATH 1831 Business Calculus
MATH 1832 Analytic Geometry
MATH 1840 Introduction to Contemporary Math
MATH 1853 Math for the Pre-Hospital Provider(Medical Assistant & Paramedic Only)
STAT 1829 Elements of Statistics
STAT 1840 Business and Economics Statistics I
STAT 1845 Business and Economics Statistics II

BSTC 1036 Computer Concepts & Applications


ARTS 1200 Art Appreciation
ARTS 1201 Art History Survey I
ARTS 1203 Art History Survey II
COMM 1315 Introduction to Film
DANC 1040 History of Dance I
MUSI 1002 Introduction to Music
MUSI 1015 Fundamentals of Music
THEA 1300 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 1315 Introduction to Film
THEA 1327 Creative Dramatics for Children

ARTS 1202 Design I
ARTS 1205 Graphic Design
ARTS 1206 Directed Independent Study - Art
ARTS 1209 Watercolor Painting I
ARTS 1210 Painting I
ARTS 1211 Watercolor Painting II
ARTS 1212 Painting II
ARTS 1214 Drawing I
ARTS 1216 Drawing II
ARTS 1217 Painting Seminar
ARTS 1222 Ceramics I
ARTS 1223 Intro to Ceramics
ARTS 1224 Ceramics II
ARTS 1225 Ceramics Seminar/Potters Wheel
ARTS 1232 Individual Art Projects
ARTS 1234 Photography I
ARTS 1235 Photography II
ARTS 1245 Computer Graphics
THEA 1301 Directed Independent Study - Theatre
THEA 1310 Stagecraft
THEA 1328 Make-up for the Theatre

COMM 1200 Interpersonal Communications
COMM 1217 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 1220 Organizational Communication
COMM 1230 Public Speaking
COMM 1700 Introduction to Mass Media
COMM 1704 Beginning Reporting
COMM 1705 Advanced Reporting
ENGL 1216 Creative Writing
JOUR 1700 Introduction to Mass Media
JOUR 1704 Beginning Reporting
JOUR 1705 Advanced Reporting
LANG 1900 Elementary German I
LANG 1902 Elementary German II
LANG 1906 Advanced German I
LANG 1908 Elementary Spanish I
LANG 1910 Elementary Spanish II
LANG 1914 Elementary French I
LANG 1916 Elementary French II
LITR 1210 Introduction to Literature
LITR 1212 The Short Story
LITR 1215 World Literature
LITR 1216 American Literature I

HIST 1400 American History to 1877
HIST 1401 American History 1865 to Present
HIST 1402 American History 1877 to Present
HIST 1403 America History to 1865
HIST 1404 American West
HIST 1406 History of Kansas
HIST 1408 Western Civilization to 1500
HIST 1410 Western Civilization 1500 to Present
HIST 1416 American Military History
HIST 1425 Women and The American Experience
HIST 1450 History of World Civilization to 1500
HIST 1452 History of World Civilization 1500 to Present
HIST 1460 Military History of American Revolution
HIST 1461 Military History of American Civil War
HIST 1462 Military History of First World War
HIST 1463 Military History of Second World War
HIST 1465 Military History of the Vietnam War
LEAD 1000 Introduction to Leadership Concepts
PHIL 1602 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1604 Systematic Ethics
PHIL 1605 Reason & Argument
RELI 1301 New Testament Literature: Gospels
RELI 1303 New Testament Literature: Acts & Epistles
RELI 1311 World Religions


AGRI 1100 Agriculture in our Society
ANTH 1816 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1823 Linguistic Anthropology
EDUC 1136 Children's Literature for Educators (AAS Only)
GEOG 1819 World and Regional Geography
SOCI 1100 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1102 Marriage & Family
SOCI 1104 Contemporary Social Problems
SOCI 1110 Juvenile Delinquency
SOCI 1114 Human Sexuality
SOCI 1129 Cross Cultural Awareness
SOCI 1145 Parenting

PSYC 1000 General Psychology
PSYC 1006 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 1014 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 1026 Psychology of Grief & Separation
PSYC 1027 Coping with Stress
PSYC 1130 Death & Dying

AGRI 1116 Principles of Agriculture Economics
ECON 1610 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 1612 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 1615 Personal Finance
POLS 1800 Government of the United States
POLS 1801 Introduction to Political Science
POLS 1802 New Politics
POLS 1804 International Relations
POLS 1828 State & Local Government


AGRI 1114 Plant Science
CHEM 1802 Fundamentals of General Chemistry
CHEM 1806 College Chemistry I
CHEM 1808 College Chemistry II
CHEM 1814 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 1816 Organic Chemistry II
LIFE 1402 Principles of Biology
LIFE 1406 Principles of Botany
LIFE 1407 Anatomy & Physiology I
LIFE 1408 Anatomy & Physiology
LIFE 1409 Anatomy & Physiology II
LIFE 1410 Principles of Zoology
LIFE 1412 Principles of Microbiology
LIFE 1413 Environmental Science
LIFE 1414 Environmental Science Lab
PHSC 1400 Physical Science
PHSC 1402 Introduction to Geology
PHSC 1404 Physical Geography
PHSC 1405 Physical Geography Lab
PHSC 1406 Introduction to Meteorology
PHYS 1600 Physics I
PHYS 1602 Physics II
PHYS 1604 Engineering Physics I
PHYS 1606 Engineering Physics II

BUSI 1609 Business Statistics
LIFE 1411 Anatomy & Physiology for the Pre-Hospital Provider(Medical: Assistant, Transcriptionist, Coding; Paramedic and MAT Only)
LIFE 1413 Environmental Science
MATH 1830 Trigonometry
MATH 1831 Business Calculus I
MATH 1832 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I
PHSC 1402 Introduction to Geology
PHSC 1408 Astronomy
STAT 1829 Elements of Statistics
STAT 1840 Business & Economics Stats I
STAT 1845 Business & Economics Stats II



HLTH 1247 Lifetime Fitness & Wellness
HLTH 1248 Personal & Community Health (2hrs only)
HLTH 2247 Lifetime Fitness & Wellness
NATG 1195 First Aid & Safety Natural Gas Technician
PHED 1202 Bowling
PHED 1204 Advanced Bowling
PHED 1210 Tennis
PHED 1213 Self Defense
PHED 1214 Tae Kwon Do I
PHED 1215 Tae Kwon Do II
PHED 1217 Fitness Through Activities
PHED 1219 Target Shooting (Rifle-Pistol)
PHED 1222 Beginning Swimming
PHED 1224 Intermediate Swimming
PHED 1225 Advanced Swimming
PHED 1226 Lifeguard Training
PHED 1229 Scuba Diving
PHED 1232 Gymnastics & Tumbling
PHED 1233 Trap Shooting I
PHED 1234 Weight Training
PHED 1236 Advanced Weight Training
PHED 1239 Modern Dance
PHED 1240 Ballroom Dancing I
PHED 1246 First Aid Emergency Care (1 Credit Hour Only)
PHED 1271 Figure Improvement I
PHED 1276 Aqua Aerobics
PHED 1278 Varsity Athletics
PHED 1280 Varsity Basketball-Men
PHED 1281 Varsity Basketball-Women
PHED 1282 Varsity Baseball
PHED 1283 Varsity Softball
PHED 1285 Varsity Golf-Women
PHED 1286 Varsity Golf-Men
PHED 1287 Varsity Tennis-Men
PHED 1288 Varsity Tennis-Women
PHED 1289 Varsity Swimming (Men)
PHED 1290 Varsity Track-Men
PHED 1291 Varsity Swimming (Women)
PHED 1292 Varsity Track-Women
PHED 1293 Varsity Volleyball
PHED 1294 Varsity Cheerleading
PHED 1295 Advanced Aqua Aerobics
PHED 1296 Varsity Soccer-Men
PHED 1297 Varsity Soccer-Women
PHED 1298 Varsity Athletic Wrestling
PHED 1301 Beginning Modern Dance
PHED 1313 Rhythm I
PHED 1314 Rhythm II
PHED 1315 Rhythm III
PHED 1316 Rhythm IV
PHED 1319 YogaFit
PHED 1321 Physical Fitness I
PHED 1322 Physical Fitness II
PHED 1326 Concepts of Personal Training (1 Credit Hour Only)
PHED 1327 Zumba

COMM 1232 Competitive Forensics
DANC 1001 Perform w/ Barton Dance Theatre
MUSI 1001 Directed Independent Study - Instrumental Music
MUSI 1006 Community College Orchestra
MUSI 1007 Pep Band
MUSI 1008 Band
MUSI 1009 Jazz Ensemble
MUSI 1010 Choir
MUSI 1014 Vocal Ensemble
MUSI 1038 Private Voice
MUSI 1040 Class Voice
MUSI 1043 Adult Beginning Piano
MUSI 1044 Class Piano B
MUSI 1045 Adult Intermediate Piano
MUSI 1046 Class Piano C
MUSI 1048 Class Piano D
MUSI 1049 Applied Piano-Adults
MUSI 1051 Applied Piano
MUSI 1052 Organ
MUSI 1054 Applied Music Individual - Flute
MUSI 1056 Applied Music Individual - Clarinet
MUSI 1058 Applied Music Individual - Oboe
MUSI 1059 Applied Music Individual - Bass
MUSI 1060 Applied Music Individual - Bassoon
MUSI 1061 Applied Music Individual - Violin
MUSI 1062 Applied Music Individual - Percussion
MUSI 1063 Applied Music Individual - Viola
MUSI 1064 Applied Music Individual - Trumpet
MUSI 1065 Applied Music Individual - Cello
MUSI 1066 Applied Music Individual - French Horn
MUSI 1068 Applied Music Individual - Trombone
MUSI 1070 Applied Music Individual - Tuba
MUSI 1072 Applied Music Individual - Saxophone
MUSI 1074 Applied Music Individual - Baritone
MUSI 1075 Applied Music Individual - Classic Guitar
MUSI 1076 Applied Music Individual - Jazz Piano
MUSI 1086 Jazz Improvisation I
THEA 1302 Acting I
THEA 1304 Acting II
THEA 1306 Play Production
THEA 1308 Musical Theatre