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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The English for Speakers of Other Languages program prepares students to communicate in English to improve skills to further their academic studies. The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to attain fluency in English.  Classes focus on academic instruction to include vocabulary, conversation, sentence structure and reading, test-taking skills, listening, speaking, and writing. Our ESOL courses include four levels of learning: Intro to English Language, English Speakers Other Languages, English Speakers Other Languages II, and English Speakers Other Languages III.  Courses focus on an appreciation of the English language and American culture with respect to the diverse cultures attending Barton Community College.

ESOL students in Shafer GalleryBarton's ESOL courses offer tiered instruction in the English language for new language learners as well as for those wanting to improve their English language skills. In addition, one-credit hour courses offer focused practice and instruction in specific skills including conversation, vocabulary, and writing. Whether the goal is to earn an academic degree or to improve English fluency, Barton has the ESOL courses needed to reach the goal. 

ESOL Courses

Courses for Main Fluency Level

ENGL 1111   |   Intro to English Language   |   3 or 6 Credit Hours
ENGL 1120   |   English-Speak Other Languages   |   3 Credit Hours
ENGL 1121   |   English Speakers Other Lang II   |   3 Credit Hours
ENGL 1122   |   English Speakers Other Lang III   |   3 Credit Hours

Supplemental Courses | 1 Credit Hour each

ENGL 1105   |   ESOL Lab   
ENGL 1108   |   ESOL Conversational English  
ENGL 1109   |   ESOL Academic Vocabulary  
ENGL 1110   |   ESOL Sentence Structure  
ENGL 1125   |   ESOL Conversational English II   
ENGL 1126   |   ESOL Academic Vocabulary II   
ENGL 1127   |   ESOL Sentence Structure II

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