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Board of Trustees Accountability and Transparency

Barton Community College is committed to accountability and transparency for students, parents, faculty and staff, and taxpayers. The resources below are tangible examples of the college's and Board of Trustees' commitment to accountability and transparency.  

Monthly Financial Reporting 
Yearly Financial Reporting 
Board of Trustees Meetings Schedule and Minutes 
Board Governance Manual 
Purchase and Certificate of Participation - Long Term Debt Obligations
Community Survey Results

Visit to view interactive charts with information on the following categories:

Quick Overview - Page 1
Completions (degrees and certifications) - page 7
Enrollment Details (credit hours, demographics, development, enrollments, headcounts)  - page 10
Financials - page 12
KBOR Performance Agreement - page  4
KBOR Student Success - page 5
Retention - page 11

The information above may also be obtained in other formats by contacting the Office of the President.

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