2023 student ambassadors at the Kirkman doors

Admissions Policies

Academic Integrity

Barton Community College values the honest pursuit of knowledge and expects its students to conduct themselves with academic integrity. To that end, it has adopted an Academic Integrity Value Statement & Honor Code which defines basic and capital violations and outlines the expectations, rights and responsibilities, sanctions and related processes essential to maintain the standards of academic integrity within Barton.

Admissions Policy

Barton Community College reserves the right to deny admission or readmission to anyone who is considered detrimental to the best interests of the college community, or if Barton is unable to provide the services, courses or program(s) needed to meet individual educational objectives.

Admissions Policy - Non-Degree Seeking Student

A person can be admitted to Barton as a non-degree seeking student if the student:

  • Is not seeking an approved certificate or degree from Barton​
  • Is taking classes for personal enrichment

Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid and some institutional aid. Student services such as advisement are available at the student’s request.

Admissions Policy - High School Student 

A person can be admitted to Barton Community College as a high school student if the student:

  • ​Has completed an Enrollment Application through Barton Online using the Enroll Now or Login enrollment options.
  • Is enrolled in high school in grades 10, 11, 12, or be a gifted student in grade 9 with an IEP recommending college experience
  • Has placement tests taken with proper scores on file at Barton
  • Has submitted a permission form signed by a high school official for each school year of enrollment.

Please view the high school authorization form for more information.

Army Enlistees

Concurrent Admissions Program (ConAP)

  • ​Joint program between the U. S. Army Recruiting Command and Barton
  • Admitted to Barton concurrent with your enlistment.
  • Defer your enrollment for classes for up to two years after discharge
  • Matriculate as a veteran after you leave active duty.
  • For more information about this program, contact your local U. S. Army recruiter.

International Students 

  • International students must adhere to all Barton Community College admissions policies.
  • Students must possess sufficient English language reading and writing skills to successfully complete all required coursework.
  • To complete an associate degree through Barton Online satisfactory academic and conduct records for secondary or higher level institutions attended must be submitted.
  • Transcripts of all prior college-level coursework must be submitted.
  • Barton advisors evaluate past work to determine if these courses apply towards your degree.

Official college transcripts, including certified English translations, should be forwarded to:

Barton Community College
245 NE 30 RD
Great Bend, KS 67530

Transcripts may also be sent to enrollmentservices@bartonccc.edu.

Students on Academic Probation

If a student is on academic probation, suspension or dismissal from another college, they may apply for admission and, if accepted, will be admitted according to the Academic Suspension Policy. If admission information is falsified, a student will be subject to dismissal.