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Developmental Education

Developmental education at Barton Community College provides students an opportunity to  improve their basic math, reading, and/or writing skills.  

Barton continually updates courses in the developmental program to develop more efficient instructional methods to help students achieve college-readiness and to decrease the cost to students in time and in money. 

Barton ACE: College Prep Math and the Reading courses allow students the flexibility to adjust time working on specific skills according to the amount of learning required for mastery. Individualized instruction addresses each student's specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Check out the Course Search for availability of courses in a term.

READ 1108   |   Basic Reading   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
READ 1109   |   Intermediate Reading   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, BOL
ENGL 1190   |   Basic English   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, FR, FL
ENGL 1194   |   Intermediate English   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, BOL, FR, FL
ENGL 1209   |   English Comp with Review  |  5 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
MATH 1798   |   Jump Math   |   2 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
MATH 1809   |   Basic Applied Mathematics   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BOL, FR, FL
MATH 1821   |   Basic Algebra   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BOL, FR, FL
MATH 1813   |   College Prep Math I   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
MATH  1815  |   College Prep Math II   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
MATH  1817  |   College Prep Math III   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
MATH 1824   |   Intermediate Algebra   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, BOL, FR, FL
MATH 1825   |   College Prep Math IV   |   1-2 credit hours   |   Locations: BC
MATH 1826   |   College Algebra with Review  |   5 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Each student is assigned an advisor. Advisors help students look at short and long term goals and devise a study plan to help achieve those goals. Visit the Academic Advising webpage for more information.

Professional counseling is available to help with personal issues or with academic concerns that would ultimately affect the achievement of academic goals. Visit the Counseling webpage for more information.

Learning Resource Center
The LRC offers a variety of information services to students including internet access. The Library also offers a quiet place to study.

Tutoring Lab
Peer and professional tutoring is provided free of charge from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evening, Sunday, and summer tutoring sessions are posted at the beginning of each semester.

Student Support services provides workshops for students on topics like test anxiety, budgeting, and politics of being a good student.

Developmental Education Policies
Developmental Education Policies

Barton Community College has a mandatory assessment and placement policy.

  1. The Academic Placement Policy applies to a.) students enrolling in approved certificate or degree programs with pre-requisite placement scores, b.) students who plan to enroll in any course with pre-requisite placement scores.
  2. Prior to their enrollment in math, English, or other programs/courses with pre-requisite placement scores, students who do not have placement scores shall undergo assessment of basic skills. Students whose placement scores are five years old or older may be required to retest.
  3. “Basic Skills” includes those minimal skills in the discipline areas of mathematics, writing, reading, and fundamental study skills which are required for student success in college-level work.
  4. Students scoring below college-entry level in writing, reading, and/or math are required to enroll in the required developmental education courses indicated by their respective placement scores. Furthermore, students are expected to pursue basic skills until reaching college-level competency.
  5. Students who assess into two or more developmental areas of study must enroll in Student Success (EDUC 1103) in their first semester at Barton.


Information concerning placement testing can be found here

Barton ACE
Barton ACE

Ace LogoThe Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) is a learning center for the study of math and reading. Instructional help is available during posted hours for students in College Prep Math, Basic Reading, and/or Intermediate Reading. The ACE lab is located in the Classroom Building on the Barton campus in Great Bend.

Key Features of ACE Courses

  • Modularization of competencies
  • Mastery Learning
  • Individualized instruction

Informational Material

ACE Reading 
ACE Math