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Give students the benefit of a college head start without leaving their high school.  Take classes online with Barton Community College's Partnered Online program.

Partnered Online is an agreement between Barton Community College and a high school partner in which high school students take Barton's fully online classes during the high school day.  A high school teacher is available in the classroom as a mentor to provide additional instruction and assist students with online assignments.  Mentors are added to classes with student-level access to monitor assignment content, deadlines, and other information pertinent to a student's success in a class.

Enjoy the following benefits with Partnered Online:

- Flexible class sizes.
- Classes include only high school students.
- Pay the face-to-face tuition rate, currently only $114 per credit hour.
- Customized high school semester.
- Automated bi-weekly grade reporting to high school officials.
- 100% online class with a college instructor.
- High school in-the-classroom mentor for support.
- $500 stipend to each USD as compensation for the mentor's time and effort.
- Academic advisement available.

The following expectations apply:

Students will be expected to act as college students and may be required to work outside of the high school day in order to meet deadlines.

All discussion boards, essays, and other assignments must be composed in academic style and written in a professional and respectful manner.

Students will act with academic integrity.  Violations of academic integrity will be dealt with using the College's policies and procedures.

The final exam may be given in the classroom and proctored by the high school mentor.

Current class offerings include:

English Composition I, English Composition II, College Algebra, General Psychology, Intro to Sociology, Public Speaking, American History 1877 - Present, and other classes available upon request

If you are a superintendent, principal, or counselor seeking these or other course offerings via Partnered Online, please complete this interest form or contact Karly Little, Coordinator of Community Education, at 620-792-9294 or


Current Partnered Online Offerings & Information