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The drought monitor report as of Tuesday, October 4, indicates almost all of our area still in extreme drought.  Exceptional drought is enveloping most of Southeast Kansas and moving into South Central Kansas along with a good portion of Southwest and moving in Northwest Kansas. 

Students travel from all over the world to attend Barton Community College. On Tuesday, sixth graders from St. Joseph Catholic School in Ellinwood were able to talk with them about their journey to the United States and learn about a variety of cultures when they visited an English as a Second Language (ESOL) class last Tuesday on the Barton campus.

The drought monitor report as of Tuesday, September 27, indicates a bit of stability in our area for severe and extreme drought although extreme drought has pretty much enveloped most of Barton County while things eased a tad to severe where more rain was received so not great conditions for planting wheat is an understatement. 

The drought monitor report as of Tuesday, September 20, indicates an ever-increasing expansion of extreme over most of Barton County.  Currently the outlook is past grim for fall wheat planting in much of the state and the recent rains helped a little but most areas don’t have any subsoil moisture.