Plumbing instructor with cutting torch


The Plumbing program is a 16 credit hour certificate program for people who want to start a career in the plumbing field.

This is an introductory program that covers commercial and residential plumbing in new construction, including installation and repair of drain, waste and vent, water systems, and gas. Plumbing code is covered, as well as safety, blueprint reading, and construction math.

  1. Students will earn an NCCER Introductory to Craft Skills and Plumbing Level 1 Certificate
  2. Students will earn 10-Hour OSHA Certification
  3. Hands-on and classroom training
  4. Instructor has extensive experience in the industry and in education
  5. Gain the knowledge and ability for entry into the high demand field of plumbing

Curriculum Guides
Curriculum Guides

2018-2020 Curriculum Guides: Students who enrolled in their program prior to Fall 2020 should use should use the following Curriculum Guide. 

2018-2020 Plumbing   

2020-2022 Curriculum Guides: Newly admitted or returning re-admitted students for Fall 2020 or later should use the following Curriculum Guide.

2020-2022 Plumbing