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Student Success Academy

The Student Success Academy

In the fall of 2019, Barton began participation in the Higher Learning Commission’s Student Success Academy.  The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), Barton’s accrediting agency, describes the academies as “programs aimed at assisting…institutions to define, develop and implement comprehensive strategies for institutional improvement.”  The Student Success Academy specifically is a three year structured project “designed for institutions seeking to establish sustainable structures that support students’ achievement of their higher education goals.”

The Student Success Academy’s work is designed to relate to and support the institution’s focus on retention, persistence, and completion.

Year 1 – Environmental Scan

The initial phase of the Academy, or year one, focused on a comprehensive environmental scan consisting of four inventories: The Data Inventory, The Initiatives Inventory, The Infrastructure Inventory, and the Engagement Inventory. Barton’s inventories are nearly complete, although the inquiry, data collection, and fact finding associated with these inventories provide a good model for continued institutional self-assessment moving forward.

The Data Inventory

The Data Inventory tasked the Academy team with clarifying “who Barton’s students are” by identifying the student populations served by Barton, and to  consider the success of the student populations. The inventory sought to identify opportunities to improve data management processes and investigate perceptions of student success at Barton.

Barton’s Data Inventory led the team to the development of a document that is tracking a variety of student demographic information as of each fall, in order to identify potential shifts in the population(s) of students we are serving. Some of this data on our students is presented in the infographics shared below, which will be updated each year. 

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All Students Infographic

Online Student Infographic