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Barton Community College follows the established recommendations of the Kansas Department of Health and Education (KDHE) and the American College Health Association (ACHA).

  1. Proof of immunizations is not required but it is HIGHLY recommended that all college students review and update their immunizations.

  2. Informative guidelines on immunizations are available in the Student Health Office.

  3. Limited Immunizations may be obtained through Student Health Services . Minimal fees are assessed. If your insurance covers immunizations, it is advised you receive them from your Healthcare provider or Health Department. The college does not process insurance claims. A list of available immunizations and fees may be obtained in the Student Health Office.

  4. Housing students and international students are asked to provide immunization information along with health assessment at enrollment.

  5. All international students are mandated to be seen in Student Health within 24 hours of arrival on campus. Mandatory TB screening will be completed, along with a health assessment including review of immunizations. The TB screening and updates of immunizations will be required to be completed prior to attendance of classes.

  6. Campus housing students are required  to show documented proof of meningitis immunization or the signed waiver.     

Immunization Policy 
Immunization Availability 
Immunization Recommendations 
Immunization Record Form 
Meningitis Information 
Student Health History Form