Barton Community College announces summer 2020 graduates


October 7, 2020

Barton Community College has announced its list of graduates who earned associate degrees or certificates for career training during the summer semester of 2020.

Sabrina Boyd, A.S.
Amanda Brown, A.G.S.   

Bel Aire
Cort Schwerdtfeger, A.S.            

Terry Charlett, A.G.S.      

Maggie Schneider, A.S.   

Orlando Rivera-Leon, A.G.S.        

Fort Leavenworth
Alexander Bateman, A.S.
Joseph Clark, A.A.
Esther Ehon, A.S.
Brett Gregory, A.A.
Genesis Gunsby, A.S.
Michael Kelly, A.S.
Eden LaPointe, A.S.        
Marylace Stanphill, A.S.  

Fort Riley
Autumn Brown, A.A.      
Oneika Davis, A.S.          
Clay Fertig, A.G.S.
Joey Mae Flaurr, A.S.
George Gonzalez, A.G.S.  
Amanda Hill, A.S.           
Dominique Huff, A.S.      
Sina Keener, A.S.            
Maria Labal Marshall, A.A.          
Judy Majid Michel, A.A.  
DeAngelo McDonald, A.A.          
Berta Morales, A.S.        
April Rosales, A.S.          
Phillipe Weeden, A.A.S.  
Joshua Zaldana, A.G.S.    

Vashti Waldschmidt, A.S.            

Great Bend
Jeunnesse Amendola, A.A.S.
Jamie Fager, A.A.S.       
Ian Gibson, A.A.S.           

Junction City
Kelcey Brown, A.S.         
Yessica Cervantes, A.G.S.            
Kady Diarra Bachabi Mama, A.S.  
Courtney Harvey, A.S.     
Ariel Rogers, A.G.S.        
Lydia Sanborn, A.S.         
Matthew Stone, A.G.S.   
Max Treen, A.S.  

Caleb Finney, A.S.
Christopher Finney, A.S.  

Peighton Ryan, A.G.S.     

MaeLee Harlan, Child Development Certificate

Rey Ahorro, A.S.             
Devante Chandler, A.S.   
Ronald Means, A.G.S.     
John Mills, A.A.  

Anton Foust, A.A.S.        

Chandler Bloomer, A.S.   

Mikaela Atwell, A.S.     
Katie Barnett, A.S.          

Tristen Klima, Pharmacy Technician Certificate

White City
Joshua Emery, A.S.         

Military Stationed Overseas
John Young, A.G.S.         

Montgomery, Ala.
Mark Gilmore, A.S.         

Judsonia, Ark.
Daniel Brown, A.S.          

Elk Grove, Calif.
Richelle Turney, A.A.      

Fontana, Calif.
Susana Martinez, A.S.     

Colorado Springs, Colo.
Valencia Crooks, A.A.      
Racquel Diaz, A.G.S.       

Denver, Colo.
Erin White, A.A.  

Cusseta, Ga.
Bennett O’Donnell, A.S.  

Fort Benning, Ga.
Nelson Ramirez, A.G.S.   

Grovetown, Ga.
Samuel Cortijo, A.A.S.     
Whitney Feaster, A.S.     

Fort Campbell, Ky.
Brooks Wortman, A.G.S.             

Hyde Park, Mass.
Davonte Burnett, A.G.S.  

Frederick, Md.
Reynold Raj, A.G.S.         

Boonville, Mo.
Christy Day, Dietary Manager Certificate

Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
Eric Fontaine, A.G.S.       

Platte City, Mo.
Caleb Brinson, A.G.S.      

Riverside, Mo.
Megan Beckel, A.A.        

Trenton, Mo.
Hylee Thomas, A.A.S.     

Toledo, Ohio
Macy Briggs, A.S.            

Oklahoma City, Okla.
Amy Madrid, A.G.S.        

Grand Prairie, Texas
Giselle Noyola, A.S.        

San Antonio, Texas
Mariano Almaguer, Dietary Manager Certificate

Lacey, Wash.
Alexandra Gilbody, A.S.

Rashaad Darling, A.S.

Larissa Goncalves Modesto De Souza, A.A.
Karina Leal De Oliveira, A.S.

Sint Maarten
Cinthia Melo Garo, A.S.

Trinidad and Tobago
Aquila St. Louis, A.A.

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