Barton Theatre student production to feature “Love, Lust & Lasagna”


November 12, 2014
Story and Photos by Joe Vinduska

Each year, as part of the Theatre Program at Barton, students are asked to take the reins and produce a show entirely by themselves.  This year, theatre Majors Joy Conner and Maili Kee are co-directing “Love, Lust & Lasagna,” with showings at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 20 and 21 in the Barton Planetarium.

The production features two plays, “Caught in the Act” and “Opposites Attract” and both are by playwright Bruce Kane. 

Kee, who is directing “Opposites Attract” said the show is about the tumultuous world of romance. 

“It’s about awkward relationships, bad hook ups, awkward moments,” she said.  “It’s a very romantically and physically involved show.”

Conner is directing “Caught in the Act,” and her production is also themed around relationships but focuses on the interactions of one couple and uses a unique literal device to tell the story.

“The writer is constantly re-writing them their lines throughout the play, so you see these changes in the characters,” she said.  “It’s really neat and interesting.”

Students are responsible for every aspect of the production, which was an eye-opener for Conner.

“As a director, you have to be in charge of everything and you see everybody’s role and not just your own,” she said.  “You have to block everybody, do sound cues, light cues and design the set and you realize how much work it is to put on a show.”

Kee said it can be challenging being an authority figure on a collaborative project with her peers.

“These people are friends you see in the classroom and lunchroom, and sometimes it’s hard to get them to pay attention, listen to what you’re saying and respect the decisions you’re making.  You get to see that rebellious spirit that so many of us have.  My approach is that during rehearsal, I’m not your friend.  I’m your director.”

Barton Theatre major and actress in the show Cora Borell who was the student director last year said it is an interesting dynamic to figure out.
“It’s difficult,” she said.  “You want to laugh and have a good time, but you know the directors have responsibilities and you can’t look at them as your friend, you have to look at them as your director.  I have to get in a mindset that I’m in a professional setting now and I can’t goof around.”

Despite the challenges both directors enjoy the creative aspect of putting on a show. 

“It’s neat to see, what I imagined played out,” Conner said.

“The Best part for me has been helping my friends create this idea and have it come to life,” Kee said.

Both directors are hoping to take advantage of using the Planetarium’s projector system and are excited for the venue. 

“It’s going to be much more intimate,” Conner said.

Tickets are $5.  All students are admitted free with an ID. Refreshments will be served at intermission.  The show is for mature audiences only. 

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