Senator Jerry Moran visits Barton Community College

Left to Right: President Heilman, Vice President Garrett, Senator Moran and Board of Trustee member Mike Johnson.

November 8, 2016
Story and Photo by Micah Oelze

On Nov. 3 Senator Jerry Moran stopped by Barton Community College and met with President Heilman, Vice President Garrett, and Board of Trustee member Mike Johnson.

The visit began with a video conference with Bill Nash, Dean of Technical and Military Outreach at Ft. Riley and Ashley Anderson Dean of Military Academic Services to discuss Barton’s relationship with the military.

To start the conversation Senator Moran first thanked both Nash and Anderson for what they do.

“I appreciate your service to those who serve us. Thank you both for what you are accomplishing”, said Senator Moran.

Nash explains how we are one of the most military friendly school is the region as we provide both academic and technical military training.

“We are probably the most military-friendly college in the region. We do more with the military than any other school,” Nash said. “Very few schools do the military technical training for the military. It is usually contractors, not schools.”

Anderson spoke next on how the classes Barton provides are fully scholarship for the soldiers, the soldier’s family, veterans and Department of Defense employees stationed on base.

“We, in Fort Riley and Leavenworth, are the only ones in the country who actually offer that type of program that extends to family members” said Anderson.

President Heilman shared that not only is Barton serving the soldiers at home, but also worldwide through BARTonline.

After discussing the military schools Dr. Heilman invited the senator to visit with some of our Agriculture staff in the technical building where they first met with Dr. Vic Martin.

One topic that Dr. Martin discussed with Senator Moran was how Barton has the ability to educate ag students at a low price and get them working earning a decent living relatively quick.

“One of the most common questions I get today is, ‘what are you going to do about student loans?’ and what you are describing to me is a significant component of the answer to that question,” Senator Moran said. “One, Barton is providing credit to high school students so that their time in college is going to be shorter. Two, we are training and educating young men and women for careers that have demand for their services and compensation as such and your tuition is lower.”

Mark Bogner, the CASE-New Holland Trainer at Barton joined Dr. Martin to discuss the program CASE-New Holland has with the school. Barton is the only school in Kansas to offer the program with five schools nationwide.

Before the senator concluded his time at Barton both Johnson and Heilman commented to the senator on the value they see in educating the incarcerated and providing more opportunities for them.

“We would love it and we definitely see a need for it and value for it in the state of Kansas” said Heilman.

Barton recently had the 12th Annual Learning Celebration for nearly 130 inmates who took initiative to pursue education while at Ellsworth Correctional Facility.

The senators visit concluded with a photo and smiles all around.

Left to Right: President Heilman, Vice President Garrett, Senator Moran and Board of Trustee member Mike Johnson.