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Barton’s Dancing for Mobility class to host “Love Letters in Motion” event

flier with mailbox and love letters flying out of it

August 25, 2022
Story by Joe Vinduska

Creativity can happen at any age and members of Barton’s Dancing for Mobility class will showcase that during a performance titled “Love Letters in Motion,” at 7 p.m. Sept. 8 in the Shafer Gallery, which will include uplifting music, live artwork and an interactive portion for the audience. Admission is free and the event is sponsored by the Shafer Gallery.  

Instructor of Dance & Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator Danika Bielek said the idea of “creative aging” is something she incorporates into the class.
“This is an art education program developed by the national organization, Lifetime Arts,” she said. “The program’s focus is to enrich the lives of adults aged 55 years and older through engaging art education led by teaching artists with the purpose of empowering them to set creative goals and learn an artistic craft that results in art projects to share with others.”

 Bielek said art organizations across Kansas have been diving into this creative process with older adults using the theme of love letters and personal stories from their past to create meaningful work.

“Even though the class’s primary focus is to use dance as exercise to promote better balance and build strength, some class members decided to work out their creative minds as well,” she said.

Student Nancy Carter said the class has been beneficial.

 “The love letters project has been an experience of remembering how to use my mind and body to express feelings from the heart,” she said.

Teddy Williamson is also a participant and said the class was a positive experience.

“It is good to know even at age 82 I am able to learn new things,” he said. “I have enjoyed becoming better acquainted with my teammates and our teacher.”

For more information, contact Bielek at (620) 792-9253 or