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Barton Academic Integrity Campaign: Courage

student smiling against a brick wall

March 6, 2023
Story and photo by Joe Vinduska

This is part two of a series on the importance of academic integrity at Barton. The college will feature student stories throughout the spring semester that help showcase values of academic integrity. These values include trust, responsibility, honesty, courage, fairness, and respect.

Barton freshman art major Harley Headley of Russell is moving full-steam ahead towards his dream of traveling the world in pursuit of artistic endeavors, but he doesn’t let his end goal disrupt his acknowledgment of the importance of academic integrity along the way, specifically the value of courage.

“Growing up, things terrified me left and right,” he said. “Even now, I still deal with anxiety and fear. When it comes to being courageous, it’s mind over matter. Showing true courage is just showing you're not scared. Integrity requires courage, but it’s a little different. It’s the courage to fail, to misunderstand, and to ask for help. Doing those all requires courage, considering it’s easier just to cheat. Being courageous isn’t easy, but it does pay off.”

While Headley said academic integrity is important from a student perspective, it’s also vital for Barton to prioritize it from an institutional standpoint.

“If Barton didn’t care about integrity, then people would be graduating and entering careers as nurses and other important jobs, not truly knowing what they are doing,” he said. “Plus, if they transfer to a four-year institution, it will be difficult for them to succeed, which would look bad if Barton consistently produced students that are struggling with integrity at the four-year level.”

Headley loves art and plans to continue his education at Fort Hays State University focusing on a degree in photography and 3D printing.

“Later in life, I hope to have my own photography business and continue to sculpt on the side,” he said. “My dream is to work for or own a business that allows me to travel the world. Sharing the world with a loved one while still making money would be amazing.”

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