Barton signs transfer agreement with Kansas Wesleyan University

March 4, 2014
Story and Photo by Joe Vinduska

Barton Community College and Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina have started a partnership by signing a transfer agreement Tuesday on the Barton County campus.  

The agreement is designed to make transferring to KWU seamless for Barton students.  The agreement guarantees students who graduate from Barton with an associate of arts or science degree and a 2.0 GPA or higher admission to KWU as a junior.

“No college is a perfect fit for everybody, but this agreement is in line with one of our goals at Kansas Wesleyan University, which is to make our school and academic programs partner better with central Kansas schools,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Mark Bandre said of the agreement.

Students who do not meet the criteria are still welcome to apply to KWU, but they will have their transcripts assessed on an individual basis.

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