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Student Concerns Procedures

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Barton Community College strives to provide excellent service and quality educational opportunities for our students. Students or employees who have concerns or would like to provide feedback regarding Barton may do so via the following venues.  

Barton Student Problem Resolution Procedure 

The college encourages an open and frank atmosphere in which any problem, complaint, suggestion, or question receives a timely response from the appropriate college staff. If a student disagrees with established rules of conduct, policies, practices, or if they feel their rights have been infringed on, they can express their concern through the problem resolution procedure.

Board of Trustees Student Complaint Process

Follow the Board of Trustees Student Complaint Process to submit a complaint to the Board. Complaints can be about anything general or systemic in nature impacting many students. Examples: The instructor for the “XYZ” course did not show up for half of the scheduled classes. The classroom did not have air-conditioning resulting in a poor learning environment. One of the courses required for my program is only offered once a year resulting in taking longer for me to complete my program. Use the BOT Student Complaint Process.

Filing a Complaint with the Higher Learning Commission

Individuals interested in bringing an appropriate complaint to the attention of the Higher Learning Commission should take some time to compile a complete submission as outlined on the Higher Learning Commission website.

Federal Student Aid Feedback System

Students who wish to report feedback to the Department of Education regarding Federal Student Aid may file a complaint, report suspicious activity, or provide positive feedback via the Federal Student Ad Feedback System.