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Barton Admissions Requirements

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Barton Admissions Procedures

Students must apply for admission either electronically or by submitting a paper application.

Admissions Policy : Special Student

A person can be admitted to Barton Community College as a special student if the student:

  •  Is not seeking an approved certificate or degree from Barton
  •  Is taking classes for personal enrichment
  •  Is a high school/home school sophomore, junior or senior with written permission from the high school/home school administrator
  •  Is a high school/home school student enrolled in an approved gifted program with written permission from the high school/home school administrator
  •  Is taking classes to transfer to another school

*Special students are not eligible for federal financial aid and some institutional aid. Student services such as advisement are available at the student’s request.

Admissions Policy: Regular Student

Degree Seeking: A student admitted as a regular student and seeking a degree from Barton must submit an official high school or home school transcript, or GED certificate (secondary education documents) to meet graduation requirements.

Certificate Seeking: A student seeking a certificate from Barton is not required to submit secondary education documents to meet certificate completion requirements. However, a student completing a certificate and continuing on to seek a degree at Barton is required to submit secondary education documents.

Selective Admissions Policy

Admission to Barton Community College does not guarantee acceptance and/or enrollment in the following programs.  Additional admission requirements are required.

To review the specific admissions requirements for each program, you may click on the program above.  You may also view the requirements in the Barton College Catalog