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 To honor the many academic accomplishments, talents and interests of our students, Barton Community College offers a diverse range of scholarship opportunities. These include:

Academic Scholarships, Barton Foundation Scholarships, Activity and Departmental Awards, Boost and Incentive Scholarships, Benefit & Employee Scholarships, Other Special Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships and GED Scholarships

Please Note:

*That any of the Barton Tuition or Tuition/Fees Scholarships are available for students to use online or on campus. However, the scholarship will always pay the in-state, on-campus tuition rate.
*That any of the Barton Book Scholarships are only available for students to use toward courses offered on the Great Bend campus.  The book scholarship includes online access codes for courses offered on the Great Bend campus.

Academic Scholarships

Barton Bound Scholarship - Awarded to first time college students who graduated the previous academic year.

Award Award Amount Kansas HS GPA   ACT Score
Elite Award Tuition & Books 3.5 and Above or 26+
Excellence Award $1,000 3.0 - 3.49 or 24 - 25
Honor Award $800 2.5 - 2.99 or 22  -23
Achievement Award $500 2.0 - 2.49 or 20 - 21

Barton Fresh Start Scholarships - Awarded to first-time Barton students who graduated from a Kansas high school prior to the most recent academic year, and who are seeking to complete a degree or certificate with Barton.

Award Enrollment Level Award Amount Kansas HS GPA
Barton Fresh Start Full Time (12+ Hours) $1,000 3.0 and Above
Barton Fresh Start 3/4 Time (9-11 Hours) $750 3.0 and Above
Barton Fresh Start 1/2 Time (6-8 Hours) $500 3.0 and Above
Barton Fresh Start < 1/2 Time (1-5 Hours) $250 3.0 and Above

*Fresh Start recipients will be awarded $1,000 and the scholarship will then be prorated each semester based on their enrollment level.

Important Notes

  • Barton Bound and Fresh Start Scholarships are available only to Kansas residents who are graduates of a Kansas High School.
  • Only full-time students (12 hours or more) are eligible to receive the Barton Bound scholarships.
  • The student will be offered the highest award possible based on their official HS transcript and/or ACT scores.
  • Students taking courses that are covered by our UOF scholarships, such as LSEC, BSEP, TROOP, are not eligible for a tuition scholarship.  Instead of a tuition scholarship the student who is otherwise eligible will be awarded a flat scholarship of $500 per semester.
  • The scholarship will be available up to six full-time semesters, automatically renewing based on enrollment and the students cumulative Barton GPA at the end of the spring semester. The student will not have to complete a new scholarship application for renewal of their award.
  • Returning Barton students may not apply for an academic scholarship, only new/incoming students are eligible to apply.
  • In addition to an academic scholarship, a student may receive federal, state, and local aid, and Barton performance or work study awards.
  • Awards are subject to available funding. Highest priority is given to graduating seniors and incoming non-traditional students who submit scholarship applications by the priority deadline. Next priority is given to renewals of current scholarships.
  • Book scholarship recipients who fail to return their books by the established deadline will be charged the full price for the books.  Additionally, failure to return the books to the Barton bookstore will result in the loss of the tuition/book scholarship during future semesters.

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Barton Foundation Scholarships

Endowed and Restricted Scholarships— due to the generosity of Barton Community College Foundation donors the Foundation is able to offer academic scholarships to students that meet the funding criteria of the individual giving the financial support.  The money for the Foundation scholarships are privately funded which makes it possible to offer traditional or non-traditional students financial assistance. These scholarships are separate from the scholarship award the traditional students may receive from the Admissions office based on academic achievement, and a different application must be completed.

To apply for a Foundation Scholarship you may  follow the link below to the Barton Community College Foundation website.

Apply for a Foundation Scholarship

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Activity and Departmental Awards

Activity and departmental awards are offered to Kansas residents attending full-time (12 credit hours), by instructors or staff from various Barton programs. Selection is made for special skills and/or performing abilities and the student is expected to complete specified obligations. The sponsor administering the award determines contract obligations and award amounts. Areas offering Activity and departmental awards include Band, Vocal, Agriculture, Drama, Student Senate, Admissions, Athletic Student Trainers, Dance Line, and Cheer Leading, Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO), Art, Automotive, Business, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Education, Engineering, EMS, Medical Assistant, MLT, Music, Computer Networking, Natural Gas.

Student Athletes receiving athletic scholarships are not eligible to receive activity and/or department awards from Barton per Jayhawk conference regulations.

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Barton Boost and Incentive Scholarships

These scholarships are available for Barton students who display financial need:

Barton Incentive is available for adult students. Based upon the number of credit hours the student is enrolled in, the student may receive up to $432 per term.
Download 2018-19 Incentive Scholarship Application

Barton Boost is available for high school students. Based upon the number of credit hours the student is enrolled in, the student may receive up to $624 per term.
Download 2018-19 Boost Scholarship Application

Applications for these scholarships may also be picked up at the Financial Aid Office or will be mailed at the student's request. Students may apply at any time prior to or during the term that they are attending.

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Benefit and Employee Scholarships

Benefit Scholarships
Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for a tuition scholarship. Tuition scholarships are limited to one scholarship per student.

Employee Tuition Scholarships
Available to Full-time Barton Faculty/Staff, Regular Part-time Barton Faculty/Staff and Barton Associate Faculty/Outreach Site Coordinators.
View Tuition Scholarship Policies and How to Apply
Tuition Voucher Application

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Special Scholarships

The Trooper Bill Scholarship
The Trooper Bill Scholarship is an automatic (no application required) scholarship that is available to military dependents taking College Programs who are Kansas residents, seeking a degree or certificate at Barton, and have at least a 3.5 or higher Overall GPA. The scholarship is worth $100 per College Program cycle ($500 annually) and is credited directly to the student’s account at one of the term payout dates.

Over 65
Residents of Barton county who are over 65 years of age at the time of enrollment may be eligible to receive a scholarship for the amount of their tuition. This is an automatic benefit and does not require application.

Silver Cougar Club
Members of Barton's Silver Cougar Club may be eligible to receive a tuition scholarship. This is an automatic benefit and does not require application. Membership dues must be current.

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Athletic Scholarships

Competing in the NJCAA, Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference, our athletic teams offer performance based scholarships to student-athletes in 9 different sports.  Scholarship offers and amounts are determined by individual coaches and athletic staff.

Student-Athletes who also receive an Academic Scholarship from Barton must maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA to be eligible for both scholarships according to Jayhawk Conference rules.

Students receiving athletic scholarships are not eligible for additional Barton scholarships, other than qualifying academic scholarships.

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GED Scholarship

Graduates of Barton's GED program (with at least 12 seat hours) from the Center for Adult Education in Great Bend may qualify for a scholarship from Barton upon completion of their GED.  Your scholarship and expiration date must be validated by a Barton employee within one year of completion of your GED and a copy sent to Barton's Financial Aid Office.

There are three different types of scholarship that a GED recipient can receive:

60 Hours of Tuition and Books - Available to students who receive a 700-800 or higher on their GED exam.

30 Hours of Tuition and Books - Available to students who receive a 620-699 on their GED exam.

6 Hours of Tuition and Fees - Any student who completes the GED and scores between 580-619 is eligible for 6 hours of tuition and fees at Barton.
**Students who tested prior to Jan 26,2016 are required to have scored a 600 or above to qualify for this scholarship.

*Please note that students receiving the tuition/books scholarship may not have more than one term lapse between enrollments to maintain eligibility.
*All Tuition scholarships pay at the on-campus rate.
*Barton Students may not receive more than one tuition award.
*All GED scholarships are subject to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

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