Assessment of Student Learning: Evidence

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Once faculty and staff have assessed the respective student learning outcomes, the results are collected, analyzed, and shared among peers.

By identifying and focusing in on the respective student learning outcomes that students are struggling with, faculty and staff can make strategic improvements to the respective course, program, and co-curricular areas at Barton. 


Instructor in classroomCommunity Report 2014 – Assessment Spotlight 
Community Report 2015 – Assessment Spotlight 
Community Report 2016 – Assessment Spotlight 
Community Report 2017 – Assessment Spotlight 
Community Report 2018 – Assessment Spotlight 


Assessment Documentation Report 2014
Assessment Documentation Report 2015
Assessment Documentation Report 2016 
Assessment Documentation Report 2017 
Assessment Documentation Report 2018 
Assessment Documentation Report 2019 


Co-Curricular Assessment Report 2018 
Co-Curricular Assessment Report 2019 
Co-Curricular Assessment Report 2020 

Why does it matter to you?

The staff and faculty at Barton are continually working to improve.  They are interested in knowing how their students learn and how to improve their teaching methods.  What instructors learn about their students and how well they learn the material will affect how the information is presented to the next class and the one after that in a continuous cycle of improvement.