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President's Page - November 7, 2019

12th Blog Entry – Barton Governance

Over the years, College constituents – internal and external – have expressed their understanding concerning the governance of this College.  It is not unusual during the course of a discussion where understanding has gaps or inaccuracies of understanding.  With the election of three Barton Trustee members this week – Mike Johnson, Gary Burke, and Mike Boys – this is a good occasion to review the guiding factors in directing the duties of Barton’s six member Board of Trustees.

President's Page - October 29, 2019

President's Page - October 23, 2019

President's Page - October 18, 2019

Ninth Blog Entry – Accessibility and affordability: College Credit for High School Students

President's Page - October 7, 2019

Eighth Blog Entry – National Hispanic and American Heritage Month

September 15 to October 15 is a dedicated timeframe for the recognition of contributions by Hispanic Americans who have influenced and added value to the United States and our society.  Ft. Riley faculty member, Blanca Oviedo, accepted the opportunity to speak to an audience September 18. The influence and impact of our growing Hispanic population is undeniable as Blanca identifies the impact through a blueprint analogy.

President's Page - September 30, 2019

Seventh Blog Entry – 50th Celebration Event

The following content represents my comments to the Barton faithful and public guests this past Saturday, September 28.

Students smile with Bart and Miss Kitty at 50th celebration event

President's Page - September 17, 2019

Sixth Blog Entry – Kansas Public Higher Education Service Areas

In prior entries I have mentioned the matter of service areas and the impact that this State policy presents to public higher education institutions.  For details pertaining to the matter of service areas, please see the Kansas Board of Regents historical narrative.  

President's Page - September 9, 2019

Fifth Blog Entry – Future Implications

As I shared in the third blog entry, I have been contacted by two readers who requested additional information pertaining to enrollment restrictions. An article that came to my attention this past December, provides insight into a number of restricting factors. 

President's Page - August 28, 2019

Fourth Blog Entry - The Power of Partnerships

In continuing the discussion of how Barton can overcome service restrictions caused by limited funds/resources, this past week I emphasized the power of enrollment and strategies that welcome student enrollments.  The second “leg” in overcoming limited resource challenges is partnership development.

President's Page - August 19, 2019

Third Blog Entry – Power of Enrollment

In my previous communication, commentary was funding focused and addressed the constraints of our traditional revenue streams.  These revenue streams are held static by market restrictions, minimizing the local tax burden, and State funding that is held captive by social, political, and economic realities.  Consequently, Barton, as other higher education entities, look to growing the enrollment as a means to providing additional funding and meeting growing expenses.