President's Page - November 7, 2019

12th Blog Entry – Barton Governance

Over the years, College constituents – internal and external – have expressed their understanding concerning the governance of this College.  It is not unusual during the course of a discussion where understanding has gaps or inaccuracies of understanding.  With the election of three Barton Trustee members this week – Mike Johnson, Gary Burke, and Mike Boys – this is a good occasion to review the guiding factors in directing the duties of Barton’s six member Board of Trustees.

Barton Trustees are elected on a staggered basis to four year terms.  The three newly elected members join current members, Don Learned, John Moshier, and Tricia Reiser. 

Trustees are empowered to represent the will of the Barton County voters and the bodies’ predominant authority is derived from KS 71-201.

Each October, the Trustees are required by law to issue a report to the public that provides the basis for accountability to the taxpayers and the use of public dollars.

In terms of monitoring the functions of the College and overseeing the actions of the President, Barton Trustees utilize the Board Policy Manual.

Barton Governance is a framework of principles representing expected Trustee actions, communications, and responsibilities through the establishment of College policies.  The guiding College policies are yet additional tools for accountability to the public, but also serves as accountability measures for the President.  When the President is evaluated, the evaluation tool reflects the policies identified in Barton Governance.


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