Mission and Vision

The Vision 

Barton Community College will be a leading educational institution, recognized for being innovative and having outstanding people, programs and services.

The Mission

The Mission of Barton Community College is to provide quality educational opportunities that are accessible, affordable, continuously improving and student focused. Barton is driven to provide an educational system that is learning-centered, innovative, meets workforce needs, and strengthens communities.

We will seek to achieve our mission through five aspirations that define our commitment to excellence in education:


We strive to empower all students to formulate and realize educational goals that will promote their personal growth and facilitate their full participation in a rapidly changing world.

We invite and assist all students to master a core of knowledge and skills needed for advanced learning, employment, personal growth, and responsible citizenship. 

We evaluate the relevant skills and knowledge acquired by all students so as to enhance their meaningful and productive educational experiences. Similarly, Barton evaluates its performance in terms of its contribution to student learning and success.

Because we are a force for innovation, we continually strive to discover better ways to empower all students to learn and grow. Barton is a learning institution in both its means and its ends; we facilitate our students’ discovery of what they need and want to know.

We strive to grow each year in our ability to accomplish our mission through purposeful enrollment and a commitment to quality.

Core Priorities (Values):

Drive Student Success
Cultivate Community Engagement
Optimize Employee Experience
Emphasize Institutional Effectiveness