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Current Exhibit: 
Barton County Arts Council Friends and Acquaintances Community Art Festival

Shafer Gallery current exhibitSeptember 2- October 7th
Story by Brandon Steinert
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The Shafer Art Gallery has chosen to highlight local talent in its next exhibit, the Barton County Arts Council Friends and Acquaintances Art Festival, in conjunction with the Barton County Arts Council. 

An array of work from 3D to oil painting and water color will be on display beginning Friday through October 7 in the Shafer Art Gallery at Barton Community College. The show is underwritten by the Bill J. McKown Memorial Endowment and the Golden Belt Community Foundation.

“The heart of a community is revealed in the artistic expression of its citizens,” Gallery Director Dave Barnes said. “The Barton County Arts Council Friends and Acquaintances Art Festival gives our community the opportunity to see the wide gamut of artistic enterprise in our county. All styles, experience levels and viewpoints share the spotlight to make this a genuinely inclusive event.”

The featured artist in this exhibit is actually a group of artists known as Artists At Large, the largest artist organization in Barton County.

Spokesperson for Artists at Large Bev Simonson said the group started about a year ago. It grew from its initial four founding members to about 20 active members covering the gamut from serious amateurs to professionals in all mediums. The group has shown in the Hutchinson Library and The Deines Cultural Center in Russell. Simonson said they are pleased to be showing at the Shafer Gallery.

Group member Krystall Barnes said she was pleased to find so much talent in the area through participation in Artists at Large, and looks forward to the awareness the upcoming exhibit will generate for the group.

“We’re very happy to be included in such a far-reaching exhibition,” Krystall said. “We’re honored and we hope people will come and get to know us.”

For more information about Artists at Large, contact Simonson at (620) 792-2713
-Image: "Iris" by Judy Schartz, Oil on Canvas

Exhibit Schedule 2016-2017

September 2- October 7: Barton County Arts Council Friends and Acquaintances Community Art Festival, featuring Artist's At Large
-masquerade ball reception: September 2 6:30-8:00 pm (Invitation Only. Call 620.792.9342 for more information.)

November 14 through December 9th: Quilts and Holiday Events

January 13 through February 10: Work by Wayne Conyers

February 17 though March 24th: Cuna Mutual Art and Science Encounter-Art of Bradford Hanson-Smith

April 2 though April 6: Vortex High School Exhibit
-Barton Arts Council Vortex Day April 6

April 21 through May 19: BCC Student Exhibit

May 26 though August 11: A Steve Dudek Retrospective