Campus Safety Crime and Public Safety Policies

Read below for Crime and Public Safety Policies covering topics including Kansas Bill of Rights for Victims of Crime, Missing Student Notification PolicyPrevention of Crime, Public Safety, Public Service, Registered Sex Offenders, Reporting Criminal Actions, and Sexual Assault.

Kansas Bill of Rights for Victims of Crime

Pursuant to K.S.A. 74-7333, as amended, a crime victim has the following rights in Kansas:

  1. Victims should be treated with courtesy, compassion and with respect for the dignity and privacy and should suffer the minimum of necessary inconvenience from their involvement with the criminal justice system.
  2. Victims should receive, through formal and informal procedures, prompt and fair redress for the harm which they suffered.
  3. Information regarding the availability of criminal restitution, recovery of damages in a civil cause of action, the crime victims compensation fund and other remedies and the mechanisms to obtain such remedies should be made to victims.
  4. Information should be made available to victims about their participation in criminal proceedings and the scheduling, progress and ultimate disposition of the proceedings.
  5. The views and concerns of victims should be ascertained and the appropriate assistance provided throughout the criminal process.
  6. When the personal interests of the victim are affected, the views or concerns of the victim should, when appropriate and consistent with criminal law and procedure, be brought to the attention of the court.
  7. Measures may be taken, when necessary, to provide for the safety of victims and their families and to protect them from intimidation and retaliation.
  8. Enhanced training should be made available to sensitize criminal justice personnel to the needs and concerns of victims and guidelines should be developed for this purpose.
  9. Victims should be informed of the availability of health and social services and other relevant assistance that they might continue to receive the necessary medical, psychological, and social assistance through existing programs and services.
  10. Victims should report the crime and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Missing Student Notification Policy

This policy is for locating and assisting students who reside in Barton Community College on-campus student housing who are reported missing. Any person (student, staff or faculty) believed to be missing from the campus unexpectedly shall be immediately reported to Campus Safety. A student shall be considered missing when he or she has not been seen in 24 hours and whose whereabouts are unknown. All reports of missing students shall be directed to Campus Safety which will investigate each report and also notify local law enforcement agencies. All students will have the opportunity to identify an individual to be contacted by the College in case a student is considered to be missing. A confidential contact person can be registered by entering the contact information where requested at time of general emergency contact information. Only authorized campus officials and campus safety will have access to the identity of the confidential contact person. If the missing student is under 18 years of age, Campus Safety is required to notify the parent or guardian of the missing student no later than 24 hours after it is determined by Campus Safety that the student is missing. If the missing student is over the age of 18 and has not designated an emergency contact, the College will inform the appropriate law enforcement agency that the student is missing.

Notification Procedure

      1.  Anyone who suspects a student may be missing should notify Campus Safety, the Housing Coordinator or the office of Student Services immediately.

      2.  Any report of a missing student, should be directed to Campus Safety.

      3.  When a student is reported missing Campus Safety will:

Begin an investigation to determine the validity of the missing person report.

Notify local law enforcement agencies within 24 hours after determining that the student is missing.

Notify the Dean of Student Services and the President.

Make a determination as to the status of the missing student.

Notify the individual identified by the missing student as the emergency contact within 24 hours of making the determination that the student is missing.

If the missing student is under the age of 18, notify the student’s custodial parent or guardian within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing.

This procedure may be implemented in less than 24 hours if circumstances warrant a faster implementation.

Prevention of Crime

Barton Community College is a community of students, faculty and staff. Like all small communities, there will be incidents of property loss and other daily problems where people reside and work in close proximity to one another. Our job is to lessen the occurrences of such incidents.

The Campus Safety Department is responsible for the safety and security of the college campus. This task cannot be accomplished alone. Crime prevention and security awareness are self-serving qualities. We need the assistance and cooperation of each student, faculty and staff member. Some ways you can assist us in this endeavor is as follows:

1. Report all suspicious persons as soon as possible
2. Report any crime as soon as possible.
3. Be watchful when walking alone on campus after dark

  • if going out at night, ask a friend to go with you
  • stay in lighted areas and report any lights that are not functioning properly or areas that are dimly lit

4. Keep money and valuables in a safe place

  • don't flash a large amount of money if you have it on you

5. Be sure that your room is locked when you leave it unattended
6. Do not lend or give the key to your room to anyone
7. Be especially watchful at night in the parking lot if you are alone

  • if your car is unlocked, always look in the back seat and floor board before entering
  • as soon as you get into your car, lock the doors before starting
  • do not pick up hitchhikers on or off campus

8. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep in mind an escape route.

Public Safety

The Barton Community College Campus Safety Department provides several functions to the college community, some of which are as follows:

  • The Barton Community College Campus Safety Department provides a 24 hour a day, seven days a week patrol function on campus, parking lots, and living quarters. Barton Community College Campus Safety Personnel are commissioned by authority of the State of Kansas under K.S.A. 72-8222 which gives them the authority to possess and exercise all general law enforcement powers, rights, privileges, protections and immunities in every county in which there is located any part of the territory of the school district or community college.
  • Officers are responsible for a full range of public safety services including assistance in medical emergencies, fire emergencies, traffic regulations, accidents, enforcement of laws regulating under age drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons and other incidents.
  • Criminal acts and other emergencies on campus can be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling ext. 217 while on campus or (620) 792-9217 from an off campus phone. If you would like to talk to Campus Safety Personnel in person, the Campus Safety office is located in Room 154 of the Technical Building.
  • The Campus Safety Department will make an incident report on any crime or unusual activity reported to the Department, which will be kept on file for at least three years or longer.
  • Campus Safety Personnel have concurrent jurisdiction on campus with the Barton County Sheriff's Office. The Barton County Sheriff's Office will respond to assist if needed and are always ready to help with major crimes or other functions on campus.
  • The Campus Safety Department shares information with both the Barton County Sheriff's Office and the Great Bend Police Department on arrests and serious crimes. The identification number of any stolen vehicle and other property, if available, may be reported to one or both departments and may be entered into the National Crime Information Center by either department.

Public Service

Campus Safety Officers are often called to assist student and faculty in other ways. Some of the extra duties they perform, time permitting, including jump-starting automobiles whose battery has run down. If you have a special request, contact the Campus Safety Department at Ext. 217.

Registered Sex Offenders Enrolled or Employed at Barton Community College

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA) of 2000 requires registered sex offenders to indicate when they are enrolled or employed at an institution of higher education. In Kansas, the governmental body providing this resource information is the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI). Further, the law compels colleges to make this information available to the campus community.

Please read the comprehensive list of registered offenders available from the KBI. This site provides information (including photographs) regarding individuals of violent, sexual, and/or drug related crimes and may be searched by city or county for the state of Kansas at no cost. Explanations of sexual offender-related issues is provided by the Kansas Department of Corrections. This document briefly explains sexual offenses, laws, and predator treatment and release information.

The CSCPA amends the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to clarify that FERPA can not prohibit an educational institution from disclosing information concerning a registered sex offender. This statement is provided in compliance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 and the Kansas Offender Registration Act of 2013.

Reporting Criminal Actions

Barton College Campus Safety Officers possess all law enforcement powers by the State of Kansas under K.S.A. 72-8222. The Campus Safety Department consists of six (6) full time officers. The College allows for the confidential reporting of crimes. The Department maintains a 24 hour answering service, 365 days a year. Campus Safety Officers respond to calls for emergency or routine services and may also take incident reports in the Campus Safety Department located in the Technical Building, Room 154.

Officers in this department receiving information in reference to a crime occurring on campus will initiate a written report of that crime. Reports dealing with criminal activity are brought to the attention of the Campus Safety Officers and may also be reported to the Barton County Sheriff's Office for further investigation, if needed.

These reports may be forwarded to the office of the Barton County Attorney for possible criminal charges. The County Attorney has final discretion over the disposition of all criminal cases.

Sexual Assault

Barton Community College is required to publish and distribute its policy regarding the college's sexual assault programs which are aimed at prevention of sexual offenses which outline the procedures employed once a sex offense has occurred.

In compliance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, Barton Community College must ensure that information is readily accessible to the campus community about registered sex offenders.

Sexual Assault Policy

  1. Purpose
    Barton Community College recognizes that sexual assault, including rape, is one of the most prevalent crimes committed on college campuses. The policy stated herein is adopted by Barton Community College as a part of its continuing commitment to create a safe campus environment and to attempt to ensure the well-being of all students and employees.
  2. Population
    Students and Employees of Barton Community College.
  3. Guidelines/Actions
    Sexual assault victims are urged to report incidents immediately to any of the following college or community resources:
Barton County Sheriff/Great Bend Police 911, (9-911 from campus)
Barton Community College Campus Safety (620) 792-9217
Coordinator of Student Housing (620) 792-9281, (620) 617-2788(cell)
College Nurse (620) 792-9233, (620) 786-0392 (cell)
College Counselor (620) 792-9295
Family Crisis Center (620) 792-1885
The Center for Counseling (620) 792-2544

During regular College hours, College Personnel can be contacted through the College switchboard, (620) 792-2701

Upon a victim's report of sexual assault to college personnel, those personnel involved will encourage the victim to immediately report the incident to the Barton County Sheriff's Department and to seek medical treatment. The personnel shall also advise the victim of available on-campus counseling services or appropriate counseling services in the community.

Upon a victim's report of sexual assault to college personnel, a written, confidential report of the incident shall be made and filed. The victim will be furnished with the information contained in this policy and signed acknowledgment of the furnishing of this information shall be obtained from the victim and made a part of the confidential report.

What to Do if You Are Sexually Assaulted

Remember your goal is survival. Go with your instincts. Only you, after considering your options, can decide your course of action. Do not blame yourself following the attack for anything you did or did not do.

  • Seek help
  • You are the victim and that you are not responsible for what happened.
  • Try to remember details of the assault.
           Write down anything that you can remember about the attacker.
  • Report what happened.
    • Call 217 on campus
    • Call 911 off campus
    • Prompt reporting will assist in helping the police gather evidence and in catching your assailant.
    • You have the right to decline formally reporting the assault to authorities, but continue to have access to other support and counseling services.
  • Seek medical assistance at a hospital emergency room
    • Do not shower or change your clothes until you have been examined by a medical professional. This prevents valuable evidence from being destroyed
    • Protect your health as there is always a threat of sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy  and other physical injuries.
    • Take advantage of services available from the Counseling Office and Student Health
    • The College will make every effort to protect your confidentiality.


  • The College can assist your with making changes to your campus housing arrangements, your class schedule, or campus employment even if you choose not to formally report the incident to the authorities. For more information, contact the Dean of Student Services at 620.792.9226

Who to Call

College Counselor - (620) 792-9295
Family Crisis Center - (620) 792-1885