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Quality Initiative

The HLC Quality Initiative started Summer of 2015

The Team members are: Ange Sullivan, Randy Thode, Vic Martin and Jo Harrington

Focus: Assessment of Student Learning: Engaging in Continuous Improvement

The team is working with an HLC mentor for the next four years. They have already been actively engaged in dialog. Click here to view detailed document.

Assessment Academy Goals:

1. Identify useful data and the tools needed to automate data collection/analysis

  1. What data do we collect?
  2. What is needed?
  3. What is done with this information?
  4. What can be automated currently?

2. Develop communication network to facilitate assessment conversations

  1. All-faculty meetings should be taking place to enable healthy robust assessment conversations.  How can we pull one off and how soon?
  2. What processes will need to be in place to communicate with associate faculty?

3. Establish Program/Department, Institutional, and Co-Curricular Level Outcomes

  1. Have any outcomes been developed already?
  2. Who is involved in each area?
  3. Where does this fit in our assessment model?


Time-line (tentative):

Fall 2015:

  • Determine data needs, inventory what is available, and a GAP analysis of the two
  • Inventory current program/departmental/co-curricular level outcomes
  • Pilot survey tools

Spring 2016:

  • Develop communication processes for faculty

Fall 2016:

  • Implement new survey tool
  • GAP analysis of outcomes
  • All-Faculty Meeting


Assessment Model

Assessment Model #2