Hoisington High School

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Hoisington High School
218 East 7th
Hoisington, Kan.

Dual/Concurrent Credit Offerings

Unified School Districts have final approval of dual credit partnerships and the awarding or not awarding of high school credit for college classes.  Check with a district or high school official prior to enrollment. 

On-site classes are classes offered during the school day and taught either by a high school instructor with the College's credentials or by a full-or-adjunct instructor who travels to the high school.

Fall Classes Delivery Method Spring Classes Delivery Method
English Comp. I* On-site English Comp II* On-Site
Public Speaking On-site Public Speaking On-Site
Personal & Community Health On-site Person & Community Health On-Site
Business Mathematics* On-site Elements of Statistics On-Site
College Algebra* On-site Trigonometry On-Site
Principles of Management On-site Medical Terminology On-Site
Physics I* (all year) On-site Computer Concepts & Applications On-Site


Tuition and Fees
$107 per credit hour - Barton County Residents
$114 per credit hour - Kansas Residents
$150 per credit hour - BARTonline
Italics indicate course paid by Excel in CTE (SB155)

Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks.

Business Office Policy: Students will be enrolled regardless of payment or non-payment and will not be dropped.  The amount owed is the student's responsibility and the balance will remain on the student's account as a "hold" until payment is remitted.

Students have the full semester to pay for classes.


Contact the Assessment Center at (620) 792-9344 or email Lisa Peterson at petersonl@bartonccc.edu to schedule an appointment for the Accuplacer.