Music Facilities

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The Dorothy Moses Morrison Chapel

Dorothy Moses Morrison ChapelThe Dorothy Moses Morrison Chapel provides an intimate setting for solo recitals or smaller chamber groups. This facility will soon be under extensive renovation. Equipped with an organ, upright piano and a Steinway grand piano, the Chapel is a favorite of many local artists for performances as well as college performers. The Chapel also doubles as the Choral Room.



The Barton Fine Arts Auditorium

Fine Arts AuditoriumThe Barton Fine Arts Auditorium seats 632 patrons and recently expanded its staging surface area. Concerts, lectures, ballets, musicals, award ceremonies, etc. are typical uses for this hall. Fine sound, lighting, and video recording systems enhance the functionality of this Fine Arts building centerpiece. Learn more about the Barton Fine Arts Auditorium including the renovation project, a schedule of performing arts events, and more!


The Barton Music MIDI Lab

Midi LabThe Barton Music MIDI Lab is an eight station computer lab (MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is the way that you can get a synthesizer and a computer to talk to one another). Each station is equipped with a Gateway Pentium Windows-based computer, 17-inch monitor, and a Roland XP-10 synthesizer with headphones. Each station is linked to the college network and has Internet access. Additionally, there is a mounted pair of Mackie 825 studio monitor speakers and a free-standing keyboard amplifier. Through a generous gift from the Barton Foundation, the music department now has a Roland Fantom G8 Keyboard Synthesizer. Synthesizers like the Fantom G8 have a touch similar to a piano and imitate hundreds of different musical instruments. The Fantom G8 is also able to record up to 24 tracks in one song and then save that song as a wave file onto a flash drive. Barton’s applied piano students are currently performing on the synthesizer during their individual classes. The sound cloud improvisations created by the Barton Piano students combine their first assignments in exploring rhythm, scales and sequencing.

The MIDI Lab is for the use of Barton students requiring the unique capabilities of this type of lab.