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Discover Your Potential At Barton Dance

Barton's Performing Arts Dance Program offers high quality dance instruction taught in excellent facilities for students of all levels of dance experience. Our Dance Department is committed to the education of dancers by establishing a solid foundation of technical training coupled with artistic and aesthetic a welcoming and creative environment. Our department's goal is to prepare dance students for the next level, whether it be transferring to a university, in a dance company, or to gain a life-long appreciation of dance as an art form. 

Why Dance at Barton?

Dance Faculty: Classes are taught by dance professionals with decades of teaching experience. 

Dance studentsAA Degree in Dance: Barton is one of the few community colleges in the midwest offering an Associates of Arts Degree in dance designed to transfer to university dance departments. Our full dance curriculum is designed to train a dancer's body and mind with multiple types of classes. 

Dance Scholarships: Barton offers multiple generous dance scholarships for dance majors and non-majors. Please contact Danika Bielek or (620) 792-9253 for more information. 

Excellent Facilities: Barton's dance studio, Studio 34, is a sunny large space that includes a top-of-the-line Stage Step sprung floor, high, ceilings, comfortable, air conditioning/heating units, full stereo system, multiple ballet barres, balance boards, and LOTS of room to dance in!

Barton Dance Theatre (BDT): Our college dance company, Barton Dance Theatre, gives dance students valuable experience working in a dance company while earning performance credits. BDT performs throughout the year at a wide variety of events and venues. Auditions for BDT will be held twice a year at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

Individualized Instruction: The many benefits of dancing at Barton include dancing in smaller sized classes where students receive more individualized attention at an affordable tuition.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completing our AA Degree in Dance students will:

  1. Demonstrate and understand the creative process through choreographed and improvised movement projects applying timing (musicality), space, and movement dynamics.
  2. Apply kinesiological based technique and performance qualities to expressive movement with physical clarity.
  3. Describe, analyze, and reflect upon historical, cultural, and theatrical styles of movement by use of their appropriate terminologies.
  4. Present themselves with professionalism through self-discipline, being prepared for the demands of a dancer, and working collaboratively with others.

Dance for the Community

Classes for Adults & High School Students

Modern Dance studentsWe welcome and invite high school students and adults from the community to join dance technique classes for personal enjoyment. Barton specifically offers lunchtime and evening classes to be available to working adults.

Dance for Aging Adults

Our program has unique movement classes designed for seniors to help increase balance, promote better posture and develop a stronger mind-to-body connection necessary for mobility. See Dancing for Mobility in the dance class options. 


Barton's Dance Program is a proud member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)

Dance students


Modern Dance class students

Modern Dance I & II (DANC 1020 & 1030 - 2 & 3 credits) 

Modern Dance is an expressive style of dance where students learn how to use dance and movement as a form of non-verbal communication through studying multiple diverse techniques. Modern Dance I & II are dance major requirements.

Ballet I & II (DANC 1035 & 1036 – 2 & 3 credits)

In ballet class, students will gain strength, flexibility, balance, muscle control, and musicality related to movement. All levels of experience welcome. Ballet I & II are dance major requirements.

Tap Dance I (DANC 1016 – 2 credits) Ballet students

This course introduces and develops on the principles of tap dance including weight shift, rhythm, and tap vocabulary. Students will gain an appreciation of tap dance as an art form. No experience necessary.

Jazz Dance I & II (DANC 1100 & 1102 - 2 credits) 

The energetic style of Jazz Dance teaches a variety of dance steps, coordination, rhythmic control, and different techniques from early jazz styles to contemporary jazz. A great class for musical theatre!

Barton Dance Theater (DANC 1001 - 2 credits)

Barton’s student dance company offers dance students a better understanding of what it is like to work in a dance company. In BDT students will learn, rehearse, and perform multiple styles of technical dance at a variety of venues and engage in dance education experiences such as dance field trips to see professional dance companies perform. Excellent performance scholarships available. To be considered for company placement dance students must have at least 2 years dance experience. Learn more about BDTJazz dance students

Dance Composition I (DANC 1010- 3 credits)

This is an introductory-level course in the art of making dances.   The class explores movement improvisation as a means for developing movement phrases and the fundamental elements of dance-space, time, weight, and energy flow.  Students will learn how to combine motivated movement within a structure to create original choreography. This class is a dance major requirement.

History of Dance I (DANC 1040 - 3 credits) 

Why did people start dancing anyway? How did dance equal political power in the royal court? Where does Hip Hop come from? Do you really have to move your belly in Belly Dance? Learn these answers and more in this interactive dance academic class! This class is open to all students, regardless of dance experience. This class is a dance major requirement and fulfills BCC’s Humanities requirement.

Dancing for Mobility for Aging Adults (DANC 1003 - 2 credits) Dancing for Mobility class students

This dance therapy class helps aging adults maintain mind-to-body connection, improve balance, increase memory and have a good time while learning a variety of dance styles in a safe environment. 

Curriculum Guides

2018-2020 Curriculum Guides: Students who enrolled in their program prior to Fall 2020 should use should use the following Curriculum Guide. 

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2018-2020 Dance

2020-2022 Curriculum Guides: Newly admitted or returning re-admitted students for Fall 2020 or later should use the following Curriculum Guide.

Associate in Art
2020-2022 Dance