Art Department Facilities

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The ceramic studio is located on campus in the Technical Building, room number T-155. The main work room provides students with 1750 square feet of space to create ceramics. A separate kiln room is attached to this main studio. In addition to this area an outdoor patio has an additional 480 square feet for firing and clay reclamation. The indoor studio area is complemented by an additional 300 square feet dedicated to the ceramic lab. This separate room provides space for students to formulate glazes for their clay creations. The ceramic studio provides professional equipment for students to use as they learn about the materials and techniques associated with ceramics.

Bill Forst in ceramics studioStudio Equipment 

  • 12 Brent Pottery Wheels
  • 1 adjustable pottery wheel, adjustable height for wheelchair access 
  • Wedging table 
  • 8 Canvas covered hand-building tables 
  • Bailey Extruder with extruding dies
  • 3’ x 6’ Slab Roller
  • Deep double sink
  • Individual student storage bins
  • Shelving for projects
  • 40” wide screen TV and computer station

Kiln Room

  • 2, 12 cubic foot Skutt Production Kilns with Digital Controls
  • 1, 24 cubic foot Alpine, forced air, Gas fired updraft Kiln
  • 1, 6 cubic foot Olympic Raku kiln with digital controls
  • Automated, thermostat controlled air exchange for the room

Outdoor Firing

  • 1, 6 cubic foot Raku Kiln
  • Reduction cans
  • Refractory Brick firing pads for flash firing with propane burners


  • Ventilated lab
  • Alpine Stainless steel storage bins for bulk chemicals
  • Complete inventory of oxides and carbonates
  • Spray booth with air guns
  • Soldner mixer
  • Reclaim area

Art classroomPainting, Drawing and Photography Studios

  • Computers: 5 with current software
  • Printers: 5
  • Opaque projectors
  • Drawing tables: 17
  • Easels: 14
  • Painting stations: 22
  • Projector: 1
  • Scanners:2
  • 3-room Dark Room

Framing and Matting Facilities

  • Film loading area
  • Development area
  • Printing area
  • Enlarger: 14