Ellsworth High School

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Ellsworth High School
211 W 11th
Ellsworth, Kan.

Dual/Concurrent Credit Offerings

Unified School Districts have final approval of dual credit partnerships and the awarding or not awarding of high school credit for college classes.  Check with a district or high school official prior to enrollment. 

Fall Class Delivery Method Spring Classes Delivery Method
Certified Nurse Aide Hybrid Certified Nurse Aide Hybrid

Tuition and Fees
The Certified Nurse Aide course is covered by Excel in CTE (Senate Bill 155).  Students are responsible for program fees, background check fees, and a textbook.

Business Office Policy: Students will be enrolled regardless of payment or non-payment and will not be dropped.  The amount owed is the student's responsibility and the balance will remain on the student's account as a "hold" until payment is remitted.


Contact the Assessment Center at (620) 792-9344 or email Lisa Peterson at petersonl@bartonccc.edu to schedule an appointment for the Accuplacer.