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Program Cost

 • Tuition: $1,792 (in-state) 
 • Course Fees: $1,278
 • Gear Kit: $350
 • Books: $207.25

Partnering Programs

 • Excel in CTE Initiative (SB #155) for High school Juniors & Seniors
 • A-OK participants
 • WIA participants
 • Financial Aid Eligible


Check out the course descriptions below to learn more about the welding program.

Blueprint Reading
Through a variety of classroom and/or shop/lab learning and assessment activities, the students in this course will: identify basic lines, views, and abbreviations used in blueprints; interpret basic 3D sketches using orthographic projection and blueprints; solve applicable mathematical equations; use basic measuring tools; interpret scale ratios on a blueprint; identify basic welding joints and structural shapes; interpret a Bill of Materials; identify standard AWS weld symbols.

Safety (OSHA 10)
Through a variety of classroom and/or lab learning and assessment activities, students in this course will: explain job/site safety and precautions for job/site hazards; determine the uses of personal protective equipment (PPE); identify the safety equipment and procedures related to safe work practices and environment; identify fire prevention and protection techniques; explore Hazardous Communications (HazCom) including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Curriculum Guide

2018-2020 Curriculum Guides: Students who enrolled in their program prior to Fall 2020 should use should use the following Curriculum Guide. 

2018-2020 Welding (16 hours - certificate guide)

2020-2022 Curriculum Guides: Newly admitted or returning re-admitted students for Fall 2020 or later should use the following Curriculum Guide.

2020-2022 Welding (16 hours - certificate guide)

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