Network Specialist

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Barton Advantage

  • Two-year degree program – trained and ready for the workforce
  • Program fully online
  • Prepare for industry certifications
  • Fun, challenging, and innovative program
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Accelerated classes available
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Internship opportunities are available

Occupational Outlook for Networking

  • Growth in computer support specialist jobs will be about as fast as the average, while growth in network and computer system administrator jobs will be much faster than average.
  • There are many paths of entry to these occupations. Job prospects should be best for college graduates with relevant skills and experience; certifications and practical experience are essential for people without degrees. (Kansas Career Pipeline)
  • Successful establishment and maintenance of information technology infrastructure is critical to the success of almost every 21st century organization
  • People with expertise in Network Systems are in high demand for a variety of positions in organizations of all sizes and types.(Kansas Career Pipeline)

Curriculum Guides

The Computer Network Specialist Program prepares graduates to work as technical support specialists, an area of the computer industry that is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, change and opportunity. Networking specialists look into problems that computer users are having with either computer software or hardware and try to resolve the problem. This program will prepare the students to fulfill the role of technical specialist in the thriving fields of computer support, computer repair and local area network administration.

Curriculum Guides
Networking Specialist (36 hours - certificate guide)
Networking Specialist (36 hours - semester guide)

Associate in Applied Science 
Networking Specialist (64 hours -  degree guide) 
Networking Specialist (64 hours - semester guide)