Math and Sciences

The curriculum will instruct an individual in all aspects of living organisms and the relationships of animals, plants, insects, and microbes to their environment.

As a chemistry or chemical engineer graduate, students will have opportunities to work in chemical or pharmaceutical industries as a researcher, analytical chemist, synthetic chemist, engineer or more! 

The Engineering curriculum prepares you for future study in the following areas of engineering: aeronautical, aerospace, agricultural, bioengineering, computer, chemical, civil, electrical, food, industrial, mechanical, nuclear, and petroleum. 

Barton’s Geology program prepares students for transfer to a four-year institution by providing a wide range of curriculum within the areas of mathematics and science. 

Math students are prepared to transfer to a four-year college, armed with analytical and problem solving skills that may lead to careers in finance, software development, or teaching.

Physical Sciences 
Students pursuing an emphasis of study within in Physical Science will be exposed to a variety of subjects within math and science. 

An emphasis in physics prepares students to transfer to a four year college in preparation of a career within engineering, high tech research or postgraduate study.  

Wildlife Science 
Our wildlife science program prepares students for transfer to a four year college to further study and prepare them to enter a field that provides a wide variety of career options. 


Learn more about Jack Kilby STEM Day or opportunities in STEM@Barton.