Developmental Education

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Developmental education at Barton Community College provides a post-secondary educational opportunity, sensitive and responsive to the individual differences and special needs among learners. To facilitate academic preparedness, we support diagnostic testing and placement, develop and provide general and discipline-specific learning strategies, and assist students in coping with barriers to learning.

In 2011, Barton began a redesign of developmental courses in math, reading, and writing on the Great Bend campus. The purpose of the redesign initiative was to develop more efficient instructional methods to help students achieve college-readiness and to decrease the cost to students in time and money.

The redesign formats implemented at Barton include modified emporium style with modularization [College Prep Math, Basic and Intermediate Reading], accelerated learning [College Algebra with Review and English Composition 1 with Review], and [Integrated Reading and Writing].

Barton ACE: College Prep Math and the Reading courses allow students the flexibility to adjust time working on specific skills according to the amount of learning required for mastery. Individualized instruction addresses each student's specific strengths and weaknesses.

Accelerated learning courses [College Algebra with Review and English Composition 1 with Review], provide the opportunity for individuals testing just below college-level to take the college-level course while receiving extra instructional support and guidance.

Sarah Bretches instructing student

Developmental Education Courses

Check out the Bulletin of Classes for availability of courses in a term.

READ 1108   |   Basic Reading   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

READ 1109   |   Intermediate Reading   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, BOL

ENGL 1190   |   Basic English   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, FR, FL

ENGL 1194   |   Intermediate English   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, BOL, FR, FL

ENGL 1209   |   English Comp with Review  |  5 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

MATH 1798   |   Jump Math   |   2 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

MATH 1809   |   Basic Applied Mathematics   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BOL, FR, FL

MATH 1821   |   Basic Algebra   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BOL, FR, FL

MATH 1813   |   College Prep Math I   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

MATH  1815  |   College Prep Math II   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

MATH  1817  |   College Prep Math III   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

MATH 1824   |   Intermediate Algebra   |   3 credit hours   |   Locations: BC, BOL, FR, FL

MATH 1825   |   College Prep Math IV   |   1-2 credit hours   |   Locations: BC

MATH 1826   |   College Algebra with Review  |   5 credit hours   |   Locations: BC