Athletic Training

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Certified Athletic Trainers are highly skilled allied health care professionals educated and experienced in the prevention, recognition & evaluation, management, and treatment & rehabilitation of injuries that occur with the physically active.

Students pursuing a career in athletic training must gain acceptance into an accredited athletic training education program, successfully complete a specific program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, and pass the National Athletic Trainers' Association's Board of Certification (NATABOC) exam. With NATABOC certification, positions dealing with athlete injury care can be obtained in high schools, colleges and universities, and professional sports; sports medicine clinics, hospitals, and physician’s offices; and progressive corporations and industries.

College and university programs vary in regards to the admission’s process, general education requirements, and the selection of athletic training education courses. It is important to select a transfer college or university as soon as possible once choosing to major in Athletic Training.

To learn more about the athletic training profession, visit the (National Athletic Trainer's Association) NATA website. To learn more about the athletic training certification process and exam, visit the NATABOC website.

Curriculum Guide

2018-2020 Curriculum Guides: Students who enrolled in their program prior to Summer 2020 should use the following Curriculum Guide.

Associate in Science
2018-2020 Athletic Training

2020-2022 Curriculum Guides: Students who enrolled in their program Summer 2020 or after should use the following Curriculum Guide.

Associate in Science
2020-2022 Athletic Training

Check out the Bulletin of Classes for a full listing of courses available.

Students Preparing to Transfer

Athletic Trainers taping athlete's anklesBarton Community College's Athletic Training curriculum is designed to provide the general education requirement and core Athletic Training courses for students who plan to transfer to a four year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree in Athletic Training or related field. Electives must meet the requirements of your transferring institution. Students should coordinate with their advisor for transfer requirements.

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