Student Employment

These programs provide employment opportunities that enable students to earn money to fund their education.

Federal Workstudy
FWS is a federal campus-based program and eligibility is based on documented need and availability of funds. The FWS program encourages community service employment and work related to the student's course of study. To the extent possible, Barton will attempt to provide employment that complements and reinforces the student's educational and vocational career goals.

Campus Employment
Campus Employment is institutionally funded work study positions. Campus employment is not based on need.

A student worker's compensation may be funded by FWS, Campus Employment funds or a combination of both.

Most FWS/Campus Employment salaries will be paid at the current federal minimum wage and earnings are restricted to the amount of the award. Students employed through FWS/Campus Employment will be paid on a monthly basis.

Contact information for student employment opportunities and placement information:

Barton County campus: Contact the Career Center at or by calling (620) 792-9349
Ft. Riley campus: Latisha White at or by calling (877) 620-6606, ext. 711.

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