Roger and Mary Lou Murphy honored with Distinguished Service Award

Roger and Mary Lou Murphy accept their distinguished service award from Barton Foundation Director Darnell Holopirek.

May 16, 2014
Story by Joe Vinduska
Photo by Brandon Steinert

The Barton Community College Foundation honored Roger and Mary Lou Murphy with the 2014 Distinguished Service Award during Barton’s 44th commencement on Friday.   

The Distinguished Service Award was created in 1981 by the Barton Community College Foundation to recognize individuals who have shown genuine regard for, and have performed outstanding service to Barton Community College. The Barton Foundation Board of Directors selects the recipient from nominations received.

Roger and Mary Lou Murphy are lifelong area residents.  Both graduated from Great Bend High School in 1957 and have been involved in the community and have played a key role in its growth.  Roger has been involved in agriculture and started Great Bend Feeding, Inc. with his stepfather in 1959, and continues to be active in agriculture with Murphy Family Enterprises.  Mary Lou has always supported Roger in all of his endeavors and during the earlier years she took care of their two children Kayla and Andrew and was the epitome of a true homemaker.

Director of the Barton Foundation Darnell Holopirek said the generosity of the Murphys has been very beneficial to the college and the Distinguished Service Award was a great way to officially, and publically thank them.

“Whenever an initiative or a need arises within the community, especially if it benefits education or young people, you can count on Roger and Mary Lou being the first to step up,” Holopirek said.  “They have and will continue to have an enormous impact on this community and their support of Barton Community College will benefit the lives of more students than they will ever know.   We are grateful for this opportunity to thank Roger and Mary Lou, not only for their contributions, but for the legacy their actions will ensure for the future of all the communities served by Barton Community College.”