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AA Associate in Art - Liberal Studies major NDS Non-Degree Seeking and not eligible for federal aid
AS Associate in Science - Liberal Studies major SAPP Stand Alone Program
AGS Associate in General Studies * Emphasis of Study
AAS Associate in Applied Science + May be eligible for federal aid under correlating degree program
CERT1 Certificate Program - 16-29 hours ++ Not eligible for federal aid
CERT2 Certificate Program - 30-44 hours Online programs may require clinicals, field experience, practicum, internships, etc. for some programs.
CERT3 Certificate Program - 45-59 hours


Programs of Study Transfer Emphasis
Designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university
Career Programs
Offers students the option of one or two-year programs designed to provide knowledge and skills, which will prepare them for employment
Programs Not Eligible for Federal
Financial Aid

Indicated by X+ under other programs that are ineligible
Online Program
etc. for
16-29 hrs
30-44 hrs
45-59 hrs
Agribusiness   AS                
Agricultural Economics   AS                
Agricultural Education   AS                
Agriculture Business Mgmt             AAS      
Agriculture Communications   AS                
Agriculture Transfer Option   AS                
Agronomy   AS                
Animal Science   AS                
Beef Cattle Production       CERT1++ CERT2++          
Crop Protection       CERT1 CERT2   AAS      
Food Science   AS                
Forestry   AS                
Golf Course Management   AS                
Horticulture/Turf Management   AS                
Milling Science   AS                
Park Mgmt & Conservation   AS                
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology           CERT3 AAS      
Accounting   AS               ONLINE
Agribusiness   AS                
Agricultural Economics   AS                
Agriculture Business Mgmt             AAS      
Bus Management & Leadership             AAS     ONLINE
Business   AS               ONLINE
Business Admin Technology             AAS     ONLINE
Business Technology             AAS     ONLINE
Economics   AS               ONLINE
Finance   AS               ONLINE
Golf Course Management   AS                
Management   AS               ONLINE
Marketing   AS               ONLINE
Park Mgmt & Conservation   AS                
Public Administration   AS                
Qualified 401K Administrator               SAPP++    
Retirement Plan Fundamentals               SAPP++    
Tax Exempt Administrator               SAPP++    
Tech Accounting Specialist             AAS     ONLINE
English AA                  
Journalism AA                  
Modern Languages AA                  
Speech Communications AA                  
Computer/Information Technology
Computer Aided Drafting       CERT1            
Computer Information Systems   AS                
Computer Networking Specialist         CERT2   AAS     ONLINE
Computer Science   AS                
Early Childhood
Early Childhood             AAS     ONLINE
Early Childhood Education   AS               ONLINE
Art Education AA                  
Early Childhood Education   AS               ONLINE
Elementary Education   AS                
Infant/Toddler Education&Care       CERT1           ONLINE
Math Education   AS                
Music Education AA                  
Physical Education   AS                
Preschool Education       CERT1           ONLINE
Secondary Education AA AS                
Special Education   AS                
Fine and Performing Arts
Art AA                  
Art Education AA                  
Dance AA                  
Graphic Design AA                  
Music AA                  
Music Education AA                  
Photography AA                  
Theatre AA                  
General Studies
General Studies     AGS             ONLINE
Military Studies Emphasis     AGS*              
Health Professions
Adv Emergency Med Tech AEMT               SAPP++    
Certified Medication Aide               SAPP++    
Certified Nurse Aide               SAPP++    
Dietary Management   AS               ONLINE
Dietary Manager       CERT1           ONLINE
Dietetics   AS               ONLINE
Emergency Medical Responder               SAPP++    
EMS Instructor Coordinator               SAPP++    
EMS Training Officer I               SAPP++    
EMS Training Officer II               SAPP++    
EMT               SAPP+    
HealthcareDoc/TranscriptSpec         CERT2         ONLINE
Medical Admin Technology             AAS     ONLINE
Medical Assistant           CERT3 AAS      
Medical Coding           CERT3       ONLINE
Medical Lab Technician             AAS     ONLINE
Nursing - PN         CERT2          
Nursing - Transfer   AS                
Paramedic             AAS      
Pharmacy   AS                
Pharmacy Technician       CERT1           ONLINE
Phlebotomy Training               SAPP+    
Physical Therapy   AS                
Pre-Nursing   AS                
Registered Nursing             AAS      
Health, Physical Education, Recreation
Athletic Training   AS                
Exercise Science   AS                
Physical Education   AS                
Sports Management   AS                
Humanities and Social Sciences
Anthropology Cultural Studies AA                  
History AA                 ONLINE
Philosophy AA                  
Political Science AA                 ONLINE
Psychology   AS               ONLINE
Religion AA                  
Sociology AA                  
Industrial & Energy Technology
Computer Aided Drafting       CERT1            
Gas Measurement         CERT2          
Manufacturing Skills Cert               SAPP++    
Natural Gas Trans/Distrib Tech         CERT2   AAS      
Liberal Studies
Liberal Studies AA AS               ONLINE
Military Studies/Leadership
Military Leadership         CERT2++          
Military Logistics         CERT2++          
MilitaryDangerousMatrHandling         CERT2++          
Technical Studies             AAS++      
Architectural Engineering   AS                
Architecture   AS                
Chiropractic   AS                
Dental Hygiene   AS                
Dentistry   AS                
Engineering Tech   AS                
Health Information Mgmt   AS                
Law AA                  
Medicine   AS                
Mortuary Science   AS                
Occupational Therapy   AS                
Optometry   AS                
Physical Therapy   AS                
Physical Therapy Asst   AS                
Physicians Asst   AS                
Radiology Tech   AS                
Respiratory Therapy   AS                
Social Work AA                  
Veterinary Medicine   AS                
Wildlife Science   AS                
Public Safety, Corrections and Security
Adv Emergency Med Tech AEMT               SAPP++    
Corrections       CERT1     AAS      
Criminal Justice   AS       CERT3 AAS     ONLINE
Emerg Mgmt/Homeland Security         CERT2   AAS     ONLINE
EMT               SAPP+    
Hazardous Materials Management         CERT2   AAS     ONLINE
Law Enforcement - Transfer   AS                
Paramedic             AAS      
Science and Math
Biology   AS                
Chemistry   AS                
Engineering   AS                
Geology   AS                
Mathematics   AS                
Physical Sciences   AS                
Physics   AS                
Wildlife Science   AS                
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