Welcome to the Barton Theatre Department  

                      2013-2014 Calendar of Events

August 19 –      Barton Theatre and Forensics Open House  

                         12:00-1:00pm,  F129A                                                        

August 21 –      Barton Theatre Auditions for Fall Production

                         5:30pm, Fine Arts Auditorium                                

Sept 26 & 27–   Barton Theatre Fall Production,

                         A Piece of My Heart,  by Shirley Lauro,

                         7:30pm, Fine Art Auditorium

October-           Barton Theatre Trip, TBA                                          

Nov. 21&22-     Barton Theatre Student Production,

                         "The Magical Christmas of Mistletoe, Kansas"

                         7:30pm, Fine Arts Audtorium Stage

Dec. 2 & 3-       Barton Spring Musical Auditions

                         5:30-7:30pm, Fine Arts Aucitorium




Jan. 9-11-        Barton Theatre at Kansas Thespians Conference

                        Century II, Wichita 

Feb. 4-             Barton Performing Arts Scholarship Day

                        All Day

Feb.  -              Barton Theatre Trip, TBA

March 7,8,9-    Barton Spring Musical

                        7:30pm & 2:30pm, Fine Arts Auditorium

April                 Barton Theatre Trip, TBA

May 1-             Barton Thespian Showcase & Theatre Awards,

                        Fine Arts Auditorium Stage

May 10-           Barton Theatre's " Night in the Theatre",

                        Fine Arts Auditorium

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