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Barton Music Department awarded NAfME Chapter of Excellence in Service Award

Barton’s Music Endowment Concert Press Release

Welcome to the Music Department!

Sax and Guitar playThe Department of Music at Barton County Community College provides opportunities for the study and performance of music under the guidance of a qualified and dedicated faculty, as part of an education at an outstanding community college. Our program is designed to develop or increase an understanding of music that may already be familiar and to explore other music that is less known.

Any qualified student, regardless of his or her major, may enroll in courses in music theory, composition, and performance. Introductory courses, which have no prerequisites, are offered regularly. Faculty offer private instruction with credit, to students in voice, keyboard and all instruments. A variety of instrumental and vocal music groups, tours, music classes, solo performance, improvisation and private study are part of the music program at Barton.


Student singing

Our emphasis is on both quality education and quality performance. There are two options available to those majoring in music at Barton.


One is selected by students who might not intend to pursue a career in music but who do want to take advantage of our offerings to emphasize the study of music within a humanities setting. The other option provides a foundation for a professional career in music as a performer, composer or teacher. Every student in the major must study music theory and ear training and must participate in performing ensembles. Each student is also encouraged to study performance, and some also study composition.

This program is designed to develop the skills and background needed for a career in professional music including the areas of vocal and instrumental performance, arranging, composition, and many others. Upon successful completion of the program, students may choose to complete a Bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university and/or seek employment in a variety of related occupations.


In consonance with the mission of the college, the mission of the Department of Music is:

  1. student playing trumpetTo provide a professional course of study to undergraduate students with aptitude and interest in careers in music or music education.
  2. Provide learner centered music courses for students in all disciplines to enrich their general educational, avocational and life long learning education.
  3. To participate in professional and volunteer service opportunities, which promote the art of music.
  4. To contribute to the enrichment of the cultural life of the college's extended community by offering opportunities for intellectual discourse and by presenting musical performances of high quality.
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