Student Housing Guide

Your Guide to Student Housing

Barton Community College considers Student Housing an important part of your total education.

Comfortable, wholesome living conditions have a marked influence on your scholarship, habits, attitudes and ideals. Your social life, loyalty to the College, attitude toward others, and your sense of belonging evolve from the community you'll join in Student Housing.

Living on campus heightens your college experience. You'll be a part of the largest student interest group on campus.

Residence Hall Requirements

Barton requires all full-time Freshman students (those enrolled in 12 or more semester hours with a total of less than 24 successfully passed college credits) to live in college residence halls. A student is exempt from this requirement if he or she meets at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • is married,
  • is 21 years of age or older,
  • has a child or children who reside with him or her,
  • is a resident of Barton County or a border county and is residing with parents, legal guardian, or immediate family member of legal age.


  • Housing for 292 students including 12 single rooms
  • Free local phone service available in Phases I, II, & IV. Courtesy phones also available in various locations
  • FREE cable available in each room
  • Plenty of spaces in student housing parking lots and no additional fee for a parking permit
  • Two FREE laundromats
  • Vending machines for snacks, beverages and laundry supplies
  • A study desk and wardrobe area as well as twin beds, bunked or lofted, in each room
  • Community meeting room with big-screen color television
  • Special accommodations for students with
  • disabilities
  • Do-it-yourself kitchen area in Commons with stove, microwave, refrigerator, and ice machine
  • Tennis courts
  • Complex area storm shelter
  • Free ethernet connections in all rooms
  • Wireless internet available in the Commons area and in Phase IV housing
  • Phase IV additions:  partial kitchen and large TV in lobby

Food Service

Food service is included as part of the housing package. Menus are planned to meet the preferences and normal nutritional standards of college-age men and women. Food is served in the attractive surroundings of our Student Union.

Most meals are cafeteria style, but family-style and buffet dinners are served on special occasions.  For Fall and Spring semesters, 19 meals per week are included in the Housing package. (Three meals per day served five days a week and four meals on the weekends). During the summer session, 8 meals per week are served (2 meals per day).

Roommate Selection

To select a roommate each party must indicate the other as the requested roommate on the application. However, the College reserves the right to assign or reassign you to rooms at any time during the year, if the need for change arises.

If you request a specific roommate and if you both submit an application/contract, with the required deposit, at the same time then you may be assigned together.  We will make every effort to accommodate roommate requests, however, with numerous competing priorities and appeals, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.


When you arrive at Student Housing, you'll use a check-in form with the Housing Coordinator to determine any damages or shortages in your room. When residence in Student Housing is terminated, the Housing Coordinator will use the same form to determine any damage other than normal wear. You will be responsible for the furniture, equipment and general condition of your room.

A portion of the deposit fee will be refunded to you upon satisfactory completion of contract if there are no damages beyond normal wear. Your room will be clean at move-in and must be in the same order when leaving or a cleaning charge will be assessed against the deposit.

Student Housing is closed during vacation periods for maintenance and repair.

The following may not be kept in rooms: pets, open heating element cooking equipment, firearms or ammunition. It is against state laws to gamble, possess or use alcoholic beverages or drugs on the College property.

You are responsible for cleanliness and orderliness of your room, and should cooperate in maintaining Student Housing and lounge areas. Barton's housekeeping staff will clean bathrooms weekly if the area is picked up.

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